Apple the next tech bully?

Junnifer: "Uyyy!! Meron na akong iPad!"

Zoorlah: "Anong iPad? iPOD, 'ka mo! Nagpapaka-American twang ka pa diyan!"

"Hindi nga! iPad ang pinakabagong ni-launch sa pataasan ng ihi ng mga tech companies. iPAD, gawa ng Epol!"

The feature-rich color-screen iPad, which conveniently looks like a widened iPod Touch, has a suggested retail price of $499 for the 16GB model, thus trouncing the $489.00 Kindle DX and most other tablets and e-readers in the market. It looks really, really enticing. I can hear little I- want-one's coming in from all over the globe.

Time was when you either had a PC or an Apple, a PC smartphone or an iPhone.

But with the iPad... you either choose to have it or nothing at all. At least until someone attempts to lock horns with it.

As for me, "iPass."

To view the mouth-watering video, visit the Apple website.


newbie ako!
btw, IPad is "wow". or WAW.
and bakit poh "iPass?"
Anonymous said…

Ako eh ISUS, dahil tech-illiterate ako! LOL!

Carver said…
Auggie... Nakakatawa ang ISUS! :-)

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