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I didn't go to work for two days last week--felt stressed out and sickly. You know that kind of fever that felt like it was locked up inside of you? That's what I had. Wasn't able to do the gym thing that week, darnit. Shrek the Third could've been the perfect stress reliever but, like Spiderman 3 , didn't match the smooth storytelling of its two predecessors. I liken the third green ogre movie to a gag show, half-anticipating the next punchline to come along. The only two worth-my-money moments involved Pinocchio and Snow White. I enjoyed David Fincher's Zodiac , though. It was a tad too long, and I was only able to understand about 20 to 30 percent of the whole whodunnit discussion. An underlying theme had something to do with being KSP (kulang sa pansin), wherein the serial killer succeeded in getting everyone's attention, as opposed to Jake Gyllenhaal's character who passionately felt he could help solve the mystery despite his being an editorial ca

Twice Tagged

So I got this from Oliver and Gwyn . “Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things about himself or herself. People who get tagged need to write a blog entry of their own as well as state the rule clearly. In the end, you need to tag 6 people as well and list their names. Don’t forget to let them know they’ve been tagged!” WEIRDNESS NUMBER 1: Soon after I hit 30 years old, a new tooth started growing. WEIRDNESS NUMBER 2: I don't want to learn how to drive because I'm mortified by the idea of hitting someone. WEIRDNESS NUMBER 3: When I'm alone and looking around in a department store, I sometimes baby talk a conversation with myself. "Hey, that looks neat!" "Yeah, and it's cheap, too." "We'll get that the next time." "Let's try going over there..." WEIRDNESS NUMBER 4: I used to believe I was Japanese in my past life. WEIRDNESS NUMBER 5: When I was a kid, I saw a wushu performance on the telly and thought, "I wa

Looking for Zaturnnah tix?

A friend of mine is selling tickets to the Friday shows (June 15 and 22) of the Zaturnnah Muzikal. That's at 8:00 pm at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium of the RCBC Plaza in Makati City. Call Bambi at 0917 628 4849 or visit Ticket2Me . Now na!! It's a great way to cap a work week. :-) Zsazsa Zaturnnah: Ze Muzikal is a Tanghalang Pilipino Production. Adapted by Chris Martinez with music and lyrics by Vince DeJesus. Directed by Chris Millado.

Jordin It Is!

Congratulations to Jordin Sparks for winning American Idol! The finals show was pretty good. Highlighting the affair was the presence of past Idol winners from Kelly Clarkson to Taylor Hicks, save Fantasia Barrino (who may have been busy with a Color Purple show). Carrie Underwood and Chris Daughtry were cited in a special speech by Clive Davis. Melinda Doolittle showed everyone why she would've made a better American Idol, and the producers had to give "honorable mention" status to Sanjaya Malakar by giving him a solo number. I read in a PDI article months ago that Ruben Studdard was trying to lose weight--didn't seem to be working. Taylor Hicks obviously lost weight while Kelly Clarkson gained some. Ah, well, they were all wonderful. Today I go back to work after two days of feeling hot inside. Not 100% in top form, but functional at least.

Blake or Jordin?

I didn't watch most of this season's American Idol, only because I wasn't too excited about the line-up. In a way, it became all too predictable. No one should have been surprised by the booting of Melinda Doolittle--the best and most engaging singer of the lot was destined to be voted out. It's happened before so it stands to reason that it would happen again. Plus, none of the remaining 11 could conceivably have been her closest competitor. In season 3, the diva trio of Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia Barrino and LaToya London kept the suspense up. Then there was the tension in season 4 of having Constantine Maroulis and Bo Bice, whose rock music styles went up against country sweetheart Carrie Underwood. Season 5 had Chris Daughtry, Katherine McPhee and Taylor Hicks who had their own astounding tricks up their vocal chords. For this past season, I didn't feel anything. So a gay forum is a-buzz about Jordin's diva potential and Blake's sex appeal (with focus on

The Moon

It may just be a coincidence. There would be times during a given month when I'd feel out of sorts--a tad woozy, a bit irritable, not in the mood. A part of me believes it's part of that whole "male period," a time of hormonal imbalance that theoretically takes place in men a few days each month. I jokingly told a female friend, thus, "At least women have some kind of outlet for it. We keep it all inside!" But when I do get these moments, I find myself looking up at the night sky on my way home. The sight of a full moon usually greets me. And that side of me that conjures nothing but drama and all its poison magic believes that there's a connection. (Yes, Carl, you're the son of the moon... Notice the widening pores on your face?) I don't know if there's a full moon tonight, but I've been feeling stressed of late. I know it's all going to pass for the better. One gets used to these things. And, no offense to dear Luna, whose grand fu


While thinking about what to blog about, I noticed that my Google PageRank dipped a notch from 4 to 3. Ugh. Anyway, I don't know exactly who to vote for yet. The family is supposed to be at the voting precinct early morning today, but I haven't fully exercised my citizens' responsibility of going over the candidate list and seeing who'll be worth it. I do, though, have a few people in mind who certainly won't get my vote, plus a few partylist hopefuls who I believe need representation. Unlike my father, I grew up with little care or concern over what went on in government, and thus I never developed that discerning kind of judgment needed as far as nationwide elections were concerned. There were simply too many people involved and too many opinions for and against them, reducing the idea of trust into this chunky grey soup. But I'm going to have to vote anyway, and I'm just going to rely on the platforms presented and the overall vibe I have of each candida

Worth The While

I've been on a book binge for some strange reason. Maybe I miss the new book smell, or maybe I feel the urgent need to update what I already know. Just tonight I ordered a few books from Amazon, adding to those I've been recently buying off the bookstore shelves. They're mostly self-help books, with a few titles on fitness, health, comics, and drawing thrown in. I've a few selections of fiction, too, though I get those from Booksale. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Caught Spiderman III last Saturday with Marco , El , Jonas and Marcel at the Eastwood cinemas, lamenting thereafter the laughable "plot twist" that did the movie in. As they say, the butler did it. In this third, and worst, installment of the successful comic book movie franchise, we could have been spared the sloppy narrative and sequencing and mostly uninspired performances IF the butler didn't do a Remains of the Day by keeping his mouth shut throughout Spidey's


I overheard this bit of conversation at a coffee shop between two men, talking about their kids... Man 1: "'Yung anak ko, three years old pa lang, nagko-computer na!" Man 2: "Oo, pati nga anak ko. Marunong na nga sa internal organs. 'Yung mga games na pang-bata..." Man 1: "Tama 'yan, para hindi sila maging syonga-syonga..." Syonga-syonga??? Gametch na rin ng mga puder ang swardspyuk!!