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I wasn't able to attend the Gabi ng Parangal , which should come as no surprise. But I wonder what it must have been like for everyone in the Aliw Theater when Enteng Kabisote was declared Best Picture, even if Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo bagged director, story, screenplay, actress, supporting actress, most gender-senstive and Gatpuno Antonio Villegas awards. (I haven't seen Tatlong Baraha , but I'm now tempted to because of its visual effects win.) Apparently, the MMFF Best Picture award includes box office returns in the criteria mix--I read somewhere that it bears a whopping 40% weight. The rest is alloted for deliberation by the judges. By this basis alone, expect the unexpected. Over the years, many eyebrows have found homes in the stratosphere because of the MMFF awards results, and prompted tongues to challenge the judges' credibility. Given the recent history of the MMFF, I'd like to think that talking about the results should make for a fun exercise, something

After three days...

I lifted this information from the Philippine Star site. Ricky Lo doesn't mention his source, though. How the Metro Filmfest films are faring Ricky Lo, Philippine Star The ranking of the nine entries in the ongoing 32nd Metro Filmfest remains the same. Here are the grosses in the first three days (Dec. 25, 26 and 27) of the filmfest which ends on Jan. 7, 2007: 1. Enteng Kabisote – P49.9M 2. Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo – P33.8M 3. Shake, Rattle & Roll 8 – P21.1M 4. Matakot Ka sa Karma – P10M 5. Super Noypi – P9.5M 6. Mano Po 5: Gua Ai Di – P7.9M 7. ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Zee Moveeh – P6.1M 8. Ligalig – P3.1M 9. Tatlong Baraha – P2.3M The ranking could change (although perhaps not significantly) after the Gabi ng Parangal tonight at the Aliw Theater.

Golden Ticket

Would be nice to attend for the experience. But it's going to be in the Aliw Theater on a Friday night with a dress code. *sigh* We'll see... Based on various reports, the Zaturnnah film hasn't been doing as well at the tills, ranking between 5th and 7th place among the nine entries. (I got a text from friend Alain saying that a radio show reported the Zaturnnah film being in the top three. How confusing is that?) Meanwhile, Enteng Kabisote 3 and Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo have been enjoying large chunks of the box office pie. According to Philippine Star's Ricky Lo, EK3 laughed up over P21.4M, KKK swooned to P12.9M, and ZZZ was pummeled to just P2.9M on opening day. With that initial take, assuming it's accurate, the film adaptation could end its run with P20M to P30M, unless something unexpected happens. Under normal circumstances, I'd discuss with a few select friends about the possible reasons behind the poor performance of certain films, the Zaturnnah film b

On Being Correct

Just today, points of discussion have been raised about the “political-correctness” of the Zaturnnah story. The two points, thus far, involve: 1) A homosexual turning into a female superhero. (Why not a homosexual superhero? Is this some sort of criticism against homosexuals?) 2) Feminists serving as principal antagonists. (Is the storyteller suggesting that feminism is an "enemy"?) Any piece of creative expression released to the public will, depending on its urgency or relevance, be subject to some kind of contextual analysis, critical theory, or criticism. Looking at it positively, it’s good for the artist. It means that the work has reached a level wherein people are willing to devote time to think and talk about it. But really… Ada/Zaturnnah does not represent the entire gay population, and the Amazonistas do not represent all women who live on other planets.

"The Little Comic Book That Could"

Thanks to Susan de Guzman for this flattering profile article published in the Manila Bulletin: CARLO Vergara didn’t set out to make the Great Philippine Comic Book when he created "Ang Kagila-Gilalas na Pakikipagsapalaran ni Zsazsa Zaturnnah". He did secretly nurture hopes that his work could contribute in making Philippine comics great again. But not even the 35 year-old Vergara — with his fanciful imagination and penchant for the absurd — could have expected the reaction his gay superhero would generate. Read the rest of the article here . Hopefully it's still online.

Isa pang source of aliw

Check out this really short blog entry about the Zaturnnah movie from a cartoonist based in North Carolina. Gave me a good chuckle. And with that, a Merry Christmas and a Fantastic New Year to everyone! Wahoooo!!!


With 2006 about to close, Zsazsa Zaturnnah has seen herself move from a self-published two-parter in 2002 to a hit musical and a potentially hit film feature. It has been a wild journey for her and me, a journey that has left us wondering what's next. She tells me, "bahala ka," and I smirk at her. But she's right--I decide where I want to take her. But this entire journey wouldn't have been this interesting if it weren't for those who've, in one way or other, helped jumpstart the engine. And here I would like to give credit where credit is due. My Dungeons and Dragons players , who challenged me to come up with adventures that won't bore them. Alex Santos , who encouraged me in 1993 to give making comics a go. The Harlequin Theater Guild of De La Salle University , Monique Wilson and the New Voice Company , and all the talented theater directors and actors I've had the pleasure of working with, who developed my acting skills, and unknowingly train

Another source of aliw

From The Beat , a blog about comics hosted by New York-based Publishers Weekly . Thanks to Budj for the link.

Here goes...

One would think that after over two decades of experience producing hundreds of movies great and small, Regal Films would have gotten its act together as a shining example of project management in filmmaking and promotion. Still, audiences had to wait for nearly five hours for the Zaturnnah movie to start. The ticket said 7:00 pm, and normally the projector would roll at around 8:30 pm. But no... the film started at close to midnight. I don't mind waiting. I really don't. I've waited for people for hours on end, and people have waited for me in turn. What I don't appreciate is not being informed properly. If I had known earlier about the complications (word has it that the MTRCB was still screening the film at 7:00pm), then I could have had dinner, explained to my guests about the delay, prevented my mom from standing for four hours, and watched another movie. Or, I could have gone back to the Summit office and laid-out some articles. I would have been okay. Since no on
The past few days have been particularly tiring, and I haven't even began shopping for Christmas pressies! In case I don't blog soon after this, let me wish y'all a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year! A total of five guys showed up at the CCP for the Dodong auditions over the weekend. I was only able to go on the second day, in a panel that included Tuxqs Rutaquio, Vince de Jesus, Arnold Reyes and Chris Millado. Out of the five hopefuls, two stood out. The final decision will be made later today. Oh, and last I heard, we'll be seeing Agot Isidro again as Queen Femina. On the other end of the media spectrum, the movie's premiere night is this Wednesday. I was lovingly coerced to purchase new threads for the event, even though I would have been content in a simple sports shirt and jeans. But it's all good, I like what the 'stylist' chose for me. (Thanks, Gwyn!)


The last time I ever performed in front of a crowd was over four years ago. That was when I worked for the Metro Manila Skyway, and I was the perennial event host during my tenure. That included the company Christmas party. In 2002, I sang "The Nearness of You" as the opening number. The venue had a lounge-y feel to it, so it felt right. Why did I do it? Well, when I host an event, I hardly eat. And that means I barely take advantage of the buffet table. I only eat after the event, but my appetite would be spoiled by then due to fatigue. Plus, my personal ethics prevent me from participating in the raffle. Hence, I'd tell management: allow me to sing, since I won't be able to eat or win anything anyway. Thankfully, I haven't given anyone indigestion. For my second Christmas party at Summit, I volunteered to participate in the traditional inter-department talent competition. For those who work in large corporations, you know what this is all about--creating your &q
Zaturnnah on ASAP Thanks to my bro for the link--here's the Zaturnnah production number performed last Sunday on ASAP. And thanks to PDAYengDiehard2 for posting it on YouTube.

Isang Malaking Kachorvahan

I wasn't myself last Friday. That whole "chakras unsynced" kind of feeling, which started with not remembering what day it was. Yes, it was a Friday, but I wasn't convinced that Saturday was around the corner. So what better way to balance my personal energies than to watch Viva Films' Reyna starring Keanna Reeves? (Now if there are any foreigners reading this, you should know that Keanna Reeves isn't her real name, though her self-admitted boob job may have come straight from the Matrix.) Reyna tells of Ginniefer (Reeves), pronounced Jee-nee-fer, as a common lass with a big dream, to win a beauty contest and make her dead mother (Melanie Marquez) proud. After escaping the clutches of a plastic surgeon whom she thought would turn her into Madame Auring, Ginniefer finds herself under the care of four homosexuals, who subsequently enter her in a gay beauty contest. There they find bitter rivalry with the diva-queen Chuvaneska (Paolo Contis), and solicit help f

Got noodles?

Lauren Novero won't be able to make the 4th run of the Zaturnnah musikal, and Arnold Reyes can only do a number of shows, so Tanghalang Pilipino is looking for the right guy to alternate as Dodong. The guy should be able to act, sing, dance a bit, as well as possess the face and physique that would send audiences into a swooning fit (for the girls and gay men, at least). If you want to give it a shot, or if you know someone who'd be perfect for the role, there will be open auditions this Saturday and Sunday (Dec. 16 and 17) at the CCP Conference Room. For more info on the requirements, call 832-3661. - - - - - - - - - - - - - So far, there will be 10 shows for the rerun at the Huseng Batute Theater. That's January 19-21 and January 26-28. Enterprising individuals who want to make an extra buck can try buying a show and sell tickets for profit, but word has it that all shows have already been sold. However, you still can call Tanghalang Pilipino for ticket reservations. Kay
Congratulations to Mau Marcelo, the first Philippine Idol! Wahooooo!!! It's been a long, long time since my hands turned cold and my knees went weak over the finals of a television contest. Actually, I can't remember the last time it happened. It didn't help that Jan Nieto was particularly gorgeous tonight. I had thought that there would be just two finalists, but I guess three made the proceedings more exciting. Never mind that the finals show was unbearably long--I almost hyperventilated from the tension. Comments: Gary V. should've hit those high notes (and they weren't really that high). Pilita should've gone easy with the hair extensions. I wasn't able to see the Aiza-Pow showstopper, darn it. Miguel was definitely a charm with his spanking new song (his best performance ever). Here's hoping that Mau reaches the kind of success enjoyed by Kelly Clarkson. She's gonna seriously kick some derriere.

Inang Yaya

Because of extreme poverty, nanny with daughter in tow begs rich couple to hire her Rich couple is too busy to find time for their daughter, so daughter turns to nanny for love and attention Nanny cares for rich couple's daughter and neglects her own; jealousy ensues Nanny's daughter rebels and steals rich daughter's toys; a fight takes place and an accident places rich daughter in hospital Rich couple abuses nanny; wanting to free her mother from burden, nanny's daughter leaves Nanny frantically searches for daughter across the metropolis and finds her begging in the streets On their way home, they witness a vehicular accident; the rich couple and their daughter are in a burning car; nanny and her daughter save them before car explodes Rich couple apologizes to nanny; happy ending No, this isn't what happened in Unitel's Inang Yaya , but it could have been the case for more box office bang. Directors Pablo Biglang-awa and Veronica Velasco (who also penned the s
Win P90,000 worth of furniture and accessories from Our Home! The cover of Real Living 's December issue features all the items up for grabs. If any of you want to find out how to win stuff for your living and dining areas, check out our latest issue, out in newsstands now. Also for the December issue, each of us got the chance to do our own table settings--choose a design theme, souce for products, and put them all together. It's a great creative exercise and showcased the design sensibilities of everyone involved. Anyone interested in finding out the different themes that can be possibly done in table settings should check out the issue--we've got seven in all. The items I used for my "bold traditional" look were from Rustans, Diretso and SM Homeworld. At first I wanted something more whimsical, using comics as a theme, but I couldn't settle on the details of the design. So I went for the other end of the spectrum and went on auto-mode. My co-workers didn



I'd Like My Bond Straight Please...

Newsbits have come up reporting Daniel Craig as being interested in having a gay scene in the next Bond movie, apart from being prepared to go full frontal. Now I've no problem with a full frontal, or even a suggestion of homosexuality, in a Bond film. Think Matt Dillon and Kevin Bacon in Wild Things (1998). But a gay scene involving Her Majesty's foremost spy? Umm... that would certainly make for more interesting and convoluted plots, and I can imagine it would sizzle onscreen, but it doesn't float my boat. Maybe that's the purist in me, and I'm not a Bond fan to begin with. recently had an online survey, asking who'd be the best "gay Bond." It became a toss-up between Jude Law and Rupert Everett. Everett came out on top. No surprise there.
I'm... speechless... Got an email from the Read or Die Convention 2007 , saying that the Zaturnnah book has been shortlisted for their Readers' Choice awards in the comics category. Click here to access the voting page--the choices are at the bottom. Here's the first part of the email they sent me... Dear Mr. Arre, Greetings. I am writing to inform you that "ZsaZsa Zaturnah" has been shortlisted in the 2007 Pinoy Readers' Choice Award s for Best Komiks. Congratulations. :) The winners of the awards will be decided through popular voting and will receive cash prizes and plaques upon the announcement of the results on February 4, 2007. I'm... speechless...
Graphic Classics: Udolpho (Click on images to enlarge) Above are sample pages from my latest project, Anne Radcliffe's "The Mysteries of Udolpho," which is the featured story for the upcoming Graphic Classics anthology " Gothic Classics ." "Udolpho" is adapted by Antonella Caputo--who succeeded in packing the original 500-page novel into 46 comics pages-- with art by me. This is the most challenging comics project I've tackled because of the story's epic scale. We're talking about 16th-century France and Italy, complete with costumes, numerous sets, and a host of characters. Then there's the dark atmosphere, a stretch for my default art style. In one comics seminar, I told the participants that it's possible to tweak one's art style to fit a particular genre. In the case of Udolpho, I used loads of cross-hatching and shadows, and tried to make the sets as large and foreboding as the page space allowed. Overall, Udolpho was a won