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What I'm Learning

I've been working on the Zaturnnah sequel for close to five years. It has been an almost-everyday activity to sit and think and determine the possibilities of how this new story would begin, develop and conclude. I've never dedicated this amount of time to any single project, and that gives me a sense of accomplishment, even though the final product is too far from completion. I'm shelving the sequel for the moment. I've reached the point where a solid story is in place--plot and structure, character and thematic arcs are done. I know the whys and hows of it all. Close to five years, that took. But save for what you've read in the preview, the actual script is far from finished. I need to rest. I need to try something new. I will go back to the sequel, yes. But its time of completion is anybody's guess, and it would be prudent not to wait. I apologize.