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Kids nowadays...

I'm going to have to say this... Susmaryosep! Ano ba ang nangyayari sa kabataan ngayon??? (sabay paypay gamit ang abanikong may bling-bling) Here's the video . The subject is Rama, the daughter of Budj 's officemate. Enjoy!!

More Zaturnnah

As I type this, the Star Awards for Movies is ongoing at the University Theater. Congratulations to Vince deJesus for winning the best musical score award for the Zaturnnah movie. He made the announcement through text a few minutes ago, and is waiting for the best song award to be announced. As of this writing, the Zaturnnah movie already got "best costume design" which I assume to be the production design category (under Egay Littaua), since the costume category is nowhere in the press releases. As far as this year's awards derby goes, Vince had alredy won for original song ("Ikaw ang Superhero ng Buhay Ko"), as well as Dinno Erece for adapted screenplay, in the recently concluded 4th Golden Screen awards. The Golden Screen Awards are organized by ENPRESS, a breakaway group of the Philippine Movie Press Club which hands out the Star Awards for Movies. Back to the Star Awards, Chokoleit and Pops Fernandez have been nominated for their supporting role performance


Getting a glimpse of one's future for a fee is one of those indispensible aspects of Filipino life that's taken so matter-of-factly here despite our Catholic upbringing, and fortune tellers have even found their place in cosmopolitan life. There are some who have set up shop in major malls, while others get invited to be part of Saturday night social events. While the revelations of fortune tellers aren't in general taken so seriously, perhaps due to the casual nature of the practice here, we've taken a gullible stance towards whatever good news the cards purvey while turning a deaf ear to the bad news. There was a time I would get my updated list of fates through Llewelyn , which offers free tarot readings. It's a nicely designed site where a visitor could choose a deck and a spread, and let the binary-spirits work their tech-magic. Though the results are presented in their cryptic form, one can more or less tell if things are going for better or worse, with one

Building a Hot Physique: A Smouldering 300°C

By now, a good number of you have seen Zack Snyder's 300 , and perhaps filled your blogs with reviews of the testosterone-packed hunk-and-blood flick. I never got to read Frank Miller's graphic novel , but I heard that the adaptation required further developing the role of Queen Gorgo . I saw it two times just for the visual feast. The effects weren't groundbreaking, but they effectively evoked the comic-style atmosphere as originally intended. The plot was simple and serviceable to give way to the entire meat of the movie. And what meat! Last week took me to the gym again after a long hiatus, and I found myself reprogramming my workout routine based on the hours of research and trial-and-error sessions. I have new strength and measurement targets, more realistic than before. Right now my muscles are deliciously sore again, and I can feel my midesection slowly narrowing from the lowered carbohydrate diet. After watching 300 and admiring the dozens of sweaty ripped physique