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When a Publisher Closes Doors

A number of you may heard that Visual Print Enterprises, or Visprint, the publisher of my books, will be closing its doors in 2021. They will no longer be accepting new manuscripts, and will be focusing their efforts on releasing their last batch of books and selling off old stocks. My final project with them will be Zaturnnah sa Maynila Part Three. The reason for their closing is simple enough--the owners are retiring. While we can say that this reason is not enough to close a company--after all, the owners can simply pass the baton--we have to take it for what it is. Another publishing house is closing, one less channel for new books to see the light of day. Many have said that Visprint has made a significant mark in the Philippine book industry, as its portfolio boasts of a powerful roster of authors. And as Dr. Isagani Cruz once said, Visprint has one of the best publishing contracts around. I'm not so worried about the authors, though, as they will surely be able to find