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"Palawan: 1944" short comics

I wrote and illustrated this comics short in 2004 and decided to post it online since, well, it is that time of year. The story is set during the final months of the Second World War in the island of Palawan. It's about a young man's encounter with a nature spirit, and it's got that gay theme going. It's not a comedy, and I apologize if the captions are a bit difficult to read. Click on each page to enlarge (if the result is still small, click on the image to magnify), and then hit the BACK button to return to this page. page 1   page 2   page 3     page 4     page 5     page 6     page 7     page 8     page 9     page 10     page 11     page 12     page 13     page 14   THE END.

"Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady" comics covers

This is what the outside cover spread will look like. Back cover art is by the book's artist Elmer Cantada. You can also find Elmer's artwork in Black Ink Comics' "Vergil: The Warrior Angel," which is available at National Bookstore. I've made a few changes to the script for the comics adaptation, but the text is mostly intact. I'm presently coordinating with super publisher Visprint on the edits and finalization of graphics files for production. This can be a meticulous process; I'm sure those of you who have worked in publishing in one way or another know how much of a necessary evil editing is. If you didn't already know, the play will be restaged in June next year, during the 10th Virgin Labfest at the CCP. Anyway, we're gunning for this November's Komikon to release this baby. I hope it'll make it to the bookstores soon after that, though I don't know if it will be available in stores before Christmas. Here's a