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Picked this up from someone else's blog . It's sooooper sappy, but it's got that something that made me feel giddy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Letter To the One that God has Prepared For Me by Maricris Aldover I am wondering at this very minute if you are thinking of me, if like me, you are wondering what is taking us so long to find each other. Many times I thought I finally found you only to be disillusioned by the fact that my wait has not yet ended. I get up each morning hoping, dreaming, longing to meet you. I am imagining the way we will meet. would it be as romantic as the ones I have seen in movies? . Or is it possible that I have known you all my life but we have yet to realize that we are meant for each other? Oh how I wish you were here right now because you are the only one who has the answers to all my questions. Sometimes I ask myself if I h
I Don't Know After much reflection and pulling at my nose hairs, I have to say that I'm shelving Zsazsa Zaturnnah in Manila for awhile. I don't know when it'll come out. I don't know in what form it'll come out. I don't know. While I do know I can do it one step at a time and one day it'll all be done and ready for the world to see, something I've been doing since the start, I have to deal with that little artist's quirk that maybe I'll get tired of it if I take too long in doing it. So the uncertainty is there, but I'm honestly not sad about it. If it happens, then good -- I really hope I'll be able to see it through. But things have happened and there are circumstances I have to face. Anyhoos, the above image is part of the supposed promotional poster. I hope you guys like it as much as I enjoyed making it.
About Richard When it comes to showbiz news, sometimes you can hardly tell whose ‘truth’ is outright fact. But with the most recent brouhaha involving Richard Gutierrez, someone’s truth weighs heavier, leaving the other party looking like a fool. The Buzz pounced on it, and S-Files was doing its darndest to protect GMA’s star teener. For how could Channel 7’s foremost tsismis show orchestrate a good defense against detailed testimonies, bruised faces, and blood-stained clothes? It happened just recently at The Fort. The two supposed victims were in their vehicle just leaving the area of Embassy (they had come from another club) when the rear window was smashed by a rock. The driver, a radio jock by profession, rolled down his window to see what was going on outside, only to be met by fists in the face. He recognized only one attacker – Richard Gutierrez. After suffering numerous blows, he was pulled away by his companion who called out, “Richard, it’s me!” (The companion works
Wow. Neil Gaiman in Manila, care of the British Council. No schedule yet, just an announcement on his journal . Get your books ready.
Embrace Just over a month ago, the 22nd of December or thereabouts, I saw John Rae again. Over two years had passed since I saw him, and it all happened in the strangest of circumstances, the stuff that deus ex machina denuouements are made of. There he was, amidst the flurry of other gay guys who had just emerged from a restaurant where they had their Christmas party, and the first thing I noticed was how good he looked. A little slimmer perhaps, but then it may just have been the dim lighting of the early morning or the dark blue shirt that flattered him, and he still had his distinct smile which to me was fiercely affecting. I didn't talk to him much. In fact, I really didn't have much to say. It had been clear to me in those silent two years that he had moved on from the short yesterday we shared, and I was no longer in the equation in whatever manner. After twenty or so minutes, I said goodbye to the group as I needed to catch a deadline. I gave hugs to some of t
To everyone who greeted me a happy birthday, many thanks! It's great to be 26 forever. I've never bothered with my birthday for quite some time now. Though, I must admit, the greets are nice to read and very uplifting. When people ask me, "How are you celebrating your birthday?" I usually say, "It depends if friends want to drag me out, otherwise it's just like any other day." On the day itself, I was with a couple of friends going about the metro, just hanging out and working on plans and fulfilling errands. I was getting a lot of texts that day, and Ida teased, "Uuuy, may textmate siya. " I answered casually, "Of course, birthday ko ngayon eh." They froze for a couple of seconds. An hour later, they treated me dinner. Just one of those birthday perks for the unemployed. So I've stopped aging since my 26th year on earth, and lately things have been more calm. Nothing groundbreaking or blogworthy, just calm. I br
I'm waiting with excitement for the release of Tori Amos' next studio opus The Beekeeper , which is supposed to hit the record store shelves next month. A number of Toriphiles were not too impressed with Scarlet's Walk , though it provided me with much pleasure as I played it over and over again for over six months three years ago. I liked that more than From the Choirgirl Hotel and Boys for Pele , as a few of their selections were too weird for my taste. But overall, I adore her work. I'm wondering if the rumors about Paula Abdul's new album are true. The supposed title is hammy -- Paulaticks of Love . But, hey, if the songs are good, who am I to argue? And who has heard of TIffany's album The Color of Silence ? I just read an interview published in The Manila Bulletin that makes mention of that obscure collection, apparently having seen release just a few years ago. Well, she's having a concert here with fellow 'retro' acts Taylor Dayne and s
*sigh* So here I am surfing at a café in Pearl Plaza. A group of students hurriedly rush into the café, because someone had apparently thrown teargas along Pearl Drive. This is, like, nearly across the University of Asia and the Pacific. I don't know what's going on. As I write this, they're waiting for the coast to clear. *sigh* --- an hour later --- It was at Cinnzeo where I found out what it was all about, and some of you may have caught it on the news. It was a high-tension life-threatening conflict... ... over parking space. The guy at Cinnzeo gave out two names that I fail to remember, but it sounded like one of those pee-flying spats between sons of rich folks, something that apparently has been going on for some time. Tsk tsk.
You might have seen this strip already, but I'm posting the link to it anyway. It's from PVP Online by Scott Kurtz. Thanks to Fero for sharing. Come to think of it, in one of my all-too-frequent ruminations last year, I'd thought up one of those story concepts that got filed in my mental "For Future Consideration" section. It's called The Little Shop of Colors, about a flamboyantly effeminate and parloric homosexual struggling to keep his beloved business running -- a comic book shop. Sounded like a good idea, but because it would involve a subculture within a subculture -- homosexual fanboys -- it's a small-audience good idea. As indie as they come. Maybe one of you wonderful comics creators can make something out of the concept.
Trip Lang Last week, Wednesday, I went to Bulacan with a couple of girl friends for an unusual purpose. The story goes as follows: Martha (not her real name) met this seemingly wonderful guy through chat. The guy was an overseas contract worker, who claimed that he was single because he spent most of his life working his ass off to get his siblings through school. Very noble and selfless, if you think about it. Naturally, single-mother Martha was smitten. They later on exchanged text messages and phone calls, sent pictures and shared their family histories and personal dreams. Martha and her new prince planned to get married. When the guy came home for the holidays, they met and had a blast, or so Martha enthused. Guy was introduced to the mom and the son when he went to Martha's house, and talk about marriage perfumed the air. The guy then promised Martha that he'd visit again to meet the rest of the relatives during the customary family gathering. To make short t
Hoooookay... I just realized that my original settings disallowed non-Blogger people from posting their comments. I have remedied that. So if anyone else from LiveJournal, BlogontheWeb, Blog-City, or wherever, wants to give feedback on my last post, please do so. So far, it's tied.
First up, congratulations to Oliver Pulumbarit for finally releasing his fringe sex-pop graphic novel Lexy Nance and Argus (LNA). The book is slowly getting attention and positive feedback. Way to go, Oliver! You may have encountered Oliver through the numerous pop culture articles he’s written for the Philippine Daily Inquirer , but he’s always wanted to show the world that he can be a bad-ass grafictionist as well. And his LNA is definitely bad-ass of the coolest kind. (I’ve only read the original version serialized in Pulp magazine; I have yet to read through the new material in the compilation.) Mind you, LNA is definitely the kind of book you wouldn’t want the young’uns to savor. It makes One Night In Purgatory look like a Cartoon Network feature. I mean…erect penises?! Threesomes? Generous servings of skin and sweat? Its racy visuals, however, serve to complement Oliver’s in-your-face writing, deliciously revealing his takes on the complex realm of alternative sexuality