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My New Play: The Missing Peace (Virgin Labfest 10)

I was content with my play "Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady" being accepted in last year's Virgin Labfest, with the big bonus of it being chosen as one of the three to be restaged, but that didn't stop me from trying out for this year's festival. I got in again. Wow. Thanks sooo much to the selection committee! Here's a brief description of what my new play, "The Missing Peace," is about: It is the year 2045, and the world is teetering towards explosive widespread conflict, the likes of which it hasn't seen in almost a century. But that won't stop the Miss Universal Empress beauty pageant from taking place in Barcelona, Spain. The pageant is of particular importance to the Philippines, as the South East Asian nation has so far won four of the world's top five beauty competitions. A grandslam seems inevitable, but then there's, well... the prophecy. I almost decided not to finish it. While I was in the middle of writ

Knowing Your Limits: Being efficient as an Indie Comics Illustrator

I'll admit: I've gotten slow in the past few years when it comes to drawing. It may be because I've been dividing my time between practicing writing and drawing. Or it may be because I've noticed my previous drawing mistakes and now consciously try to correct them with each new panel I do. Plus the new drawing tricks here and there I've been adding to my repertoire. So my reduced drawing pace should be for the better because I've been trying to improve my craft. Or maybe it's because I'm older, and my body is starting to cry "uncle" after a number of hours. Or maybe it's because, as an adult, there are more responsibilities on the plate due to "real life." Whatever the case, it's always a struggle to be efficient, especially as an indie creator who's not being paid a regular wage. This, I think, is a common conundrum indie comics creators have to face--the lack of time. We want to make our comics stories, bring to