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Singers with "Range"

By now, you may have seen the amazing Charice Pempengco wow American audiences in her recent stint in Las Vegas with no less than David Foster on the piano. As much as I get the goosebumps listening to her, I can't help but pray she doesn't wear out her voice early on in the game. Those young vocal chords can only take so much abuse. (Mariah Carey comes to mind--she doesn't sound as good as when she started.) Moreover, that Charice doesn't end up like one of those krung-krung teen stars who end up in rehab. Let's pray that her mom guides her well. But if there's one performer who really amazes me with her "range," it's Ai Ai delas Alas. I would watch the following video over and over, and it never fails to give me a hearty laugh. If you haven't seen this, go for it until the end. It's not only Charice who deserves a standing ovation.


I didn't expect an overwhelming response from you guys. Thank you thank you thank you (and that means you). I will post three new pages by Monday next week, which I hope will whet your collective appetites even further. Personally, I'm happy with the way the pages came out. I believe there's a marked improvement in my drawing skills since the first book. Still, there's this little quirk in me that my close friends are very familiar with. When I look over any of my work, then and now, I always wonder how I managed to do them in the first place. Ika nga ni Charice Pempengco, "I don't know where it comes from." I really don't. I still find myself saying, "Wow, I did that?" Which is perhaps the reason why I can't content myself with my work, an attitude I believe a lot of artists can relate to. Story wise, Ada's beginning monologue should make clear that little theme I had posted about around June last year. Before that, I had been wrestl

Twiddling Thumbs

Listening to: Take A Bow (Rihanna) Oooooh-kaayyy... Tomorrow and Sunday is going to drain a whole lot out of me because of work, but everything should turn out well. I will be going to the Visprint event at the Cubao Expo tomorrow afternoon, but I can't stay long enough to share hugs and kissies--work at the printing press beckoned and I have sacred duties to fulfill. Now if there's anything about the event that really excites me, it would be the short talk and Q&A about getting published, something I'm sure will spark delight in many an aspiring wordsmith. Or comics creator. With the preview of the Zaturnnah sequel all set to expose itself in a few days, I feel it fit to issue a few bits--reminders, if you will--just so's to make this entire activity clear and pleasant for all: 1) Like its predecessor, Zsazsa Zaturnnah Sa Kalakhang Maynila is still For Mature Readers Ever! I dare to be a bit bolder by saying "Bawal Ang Dyugets!" If you intend to read the

One Week To Go...

With one week to go, I'm getting a bit more anxious. But I've been enjoying my output so far. It's just like five years ago, but even more so. Just a few things: 1) Gratitude. Thanks to all those who have been spreading the word, sharing news of the Zaturnnah sequel to the blogosphere, and for linking back. Mwah! :-) 2) Straight answer. Again, I don't know when the printed version will come out. I'm focusing on getting pages done, and it would be foolish to get ahead of myself by giving a date. But you will know eventually. 3) Live show. My publisher, Visual Print Enterprises , will be having a little "conference" on May 24. That's a Saturday, and all of Visprint's published authors will be there, including Budjette Tan , Manix Abrera, and David Hontiveros . (Well, except for the enigmatic Bob Ong, who I still think is part of some industry conspiracy.) The event, entitled "9 in 1 Kolektib Intelidyens," will be held at Shop 33 of the

A Little Gift

First off, thanks soooo much for your enthusiastic response. I've been penciling, inking and processing pages over the past three weeks, so I apologize for not responding to your generous comments. To answer the question of when the printed version will come out, I have no answer, which is why I'm presenting the first few chapters of the book as weekly online installments. It forces me to sit at the drawing desk everyday--or night, to be more accurate--a disciplinary pain/pleasure ritual. Truth to tell, I've a couple of installments all ready to go, but I need to get more in before the 26th in case of fortuitous events. But have I even finished Chapter One? Hardly. So it'll be a while before the book sees print. With that, thanks again for staying tuned. Here's a little gift. Just click on the image to enlarge, then save it in your hard drive. It's my desktop wallpaper now. :-) Oh, and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! :-)

Kaba 3

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Kaba 2

[click on the image to enlarge] No, the woman isn't Didi, and the man isn't Mr. Clean.