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Bonus for Ticketholders to the Feb 26 8pm show

UPDATE: Due to my inability to multi-task, tickets to the Feb 26 8pm show will be available at Ticketworld outlets and online, as well as the TP box office beginning Tuesday, February 22. The tickets of those who have previously reserved them through me or my friend don't have to worry--your tickets are with me. Thanks, and see you at the show! I decided to produce a printed version of the first 26 comics pages of Zaturnnah in Manila just to spice things up a bit. Those who regularly visit this blog may have already read these 26 pages through the online preview, but for a number of peeps, nothing beats ink on paper. Budget hasn't been on my side of late, so I can only produce a limited number of copies, which will be made available at fifty pesos to ticketholders to the Feb 26 8pm show. The graphic above shows the cover of the limited edition special preview. To purchase tickets to the Feb26 8pm show of the Zaturnnah musical, visit this page , or contact Jam through 0929-

Summit Media Job Openings: February 2011

EDITORIAL SENIOR STAFFWRITERS – YES! 25-35 years of age and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication, Management, or any related field At least a year of related work experience preferably gained in a publishing / entertainment industry. Able to write, edit, and think creatively and independently; A self-starter and can conceptualize new ideas on a constant basis Must have the ability to communicate well with confidence.   Detail oriented, focused, and has a knack on meeting deadlines without sacrificing the quality of work to be done.  Hard working, patient, and organized, very resourceful and high spirited.  A SSOCIATE EDITOR – GOOD HOUSEKEEPING At least a Bachelor's/College Degree in Journalism, Art/Design/Creative  Multimedia, Mass Communications or equivalent. Excellent leadership and time management skills. Well-versed and highly-interested in parenting  /  housekeeping issues and concerns.  At  least  3 year(s) of working  experience in handling a team of

Comics Artists and Cartoonists: Get a discount on Zaturnnah musical tickets

In the past, I've fancied bringing a whole bunch'a comics artists to watch the Zaturnnah musical for free. I'd gladly oblige that if my pockets were deep enough, but sadly that's not the case. So the most I could do right now is offer a discount. First of all, some parameters... 1) You are a comics artist with an online portfolio of your comics work (either released in print or as webcomics). Doesn't matter if it's your personal website, a blog, or a gallery in a social networking site. 2) The discount applies to tickets for the February 26 (Saturday) 8pm show . 3) The discount is good for one or two tickets , and applies to the seats worth P850.  Click here to see the seat plan. The P850 seats are in yellow. 4) The discount is P100 per ticket . So a ticket is now P750, not P850. 5) You are willing to deposit your payment at a BPI branch before February 16, 2011. If the above is cool with you, the rules are below: To avail of the discount: 1) C

Buy Zaturnnah musical tickets online

Ah, technology. As I've mentioned in a previous post, my family is selling tickets to the February 26 (Saturday) 8pm show of the Zaturnnah musical. My dear friend Jam has set up an online payment system using PayPal, so now you can reserve and pay for tickets to the aforementioned show through her blog ( ), using either your credit card or PayPal account. You'll also find an updated seat plan, so you can choose the seats you want. There are three ways to pay, and I've tested "Option 1." Works well. You can also reserve and pay for tickets to the March 13 (Sunday) 3pm show through her blog. Do check it out. If you have any questions, you can send an inquiry to her through: Mobile: 0929-6759214 Landline: 3767040 / 4009550 Email: jmayeronline [@] gmail [dot] com