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A Musical for "Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady"... Really?

Yes, it's a development that came as a surprise, even to me. It was enough that my play was able to bag a slot in Virgin Labfest 9, and that audiences seemed to like it. That the play was selected to be restaged in next year's Labfest (June 2014) was a bonus. It was a great learning experience seeing the words on paper translated pitch-perfectly on the theatre stage by Kiki Baento, Skyzx Labastilla, and Hans Eckstein, under the able direction of Chris Martinez. I thought of adapting the play into a comic book, not just for the purposes of cross-media extension, but also because I do know that a lot of plays staged in the Captial Region hardly get a chance to reach the provinces. The comic book cannot replicate the theatre experience, but at least I can share the story outside the capital. Then... bazoom!! When the producers of Maxie: The Musicale (a definite must-see; worth every penny) contacted me with the intention of turning the one-act play into a musical, I was, we