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ZZZ sa NBS Ipinakita sa akin ng aking maganda at seksing nanay ang ad material na ito na lumabas sa Philippine Daily Inquirer. Nakakatuwa. Sino kaya ang ahensya ng National Book Store? (Click on image to enlarge)
Idol Time! So now all we have left in Philippine Idol are Gian Magdangal, Mau Marcelo and Jan Nieto. I had really wanted Pow Chavez to stay on instead of Jan, but I think having Pow out is better than having Ken Dingle in. Miguel's being booted out yesterday was a mere matter of time, the kind of personality and talent you know would get close but not close enough. I have this strange feeling that Jan's going to be in the final two. It could be that whole underdog thing. His singing has improved significantly, slowly gaining emotional depth despite being betrayed by his awkwardness onstage. Yes, he sounds really great when you close your eyes. His advantage right now, apart from the oh-so-hot factor, is his potential. Among the three, he's the one who still needs to physically let go as a performer, the contestant that audiences can see themselves growing with over time. This isn't the case with Gian Magdangal. While he's not as effective when singing Filipino song
Preview I went to a screening of MMFF trailers at one of the Robinsons Galleria movie theaters, by Regal's invitation. The films were Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo, Mamatay ka sa Karma, Tatlong Baraha, Zsazsa Zaturnnah: Ze Moveeh , and Super Noypi . Enteng Kabisote 3 was also part of the list, though the preview was more of a teaser than anything else. Of all the trailers, Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo had the best pacing and a more solid structure, pretty easy considering we've done romantic comedies, like, forever. The rest tended to drag a bit, especially Mamatay ka sa Karma which, by its genre alone, deserved a more urgent treatment. The preview for Tatlong Baraha had "audacity" written all over it--it's a must-see in a wicked sort of way. Super Noypi tended to be a bit repetitive--seeing Monsour del Rosario and his electric bolts over and over dampened its novelty, and electric bolts to begin with aren't so novel in the special effects department anymore. I was told
The premiere night of the Zaturnnah movie will be on December 20 in SM Megamall. I used to think that MMFF entries didn't have premiere nights. Anyway, itatanong ko pa kung saan puwedeng makaharbat ng tiket. I also got an invitation to attend a press screening today, lunchtime, but I couldn't make it. But we will be previewing the trailer at 11:30pm. As for the musical, there is confirmation for a 10-show rerun this January. Details to follow. Gawsh, marami pa akong gagawin, but I am sooooooo exhausted. Go lang nang go, kaya pa 'yan.
Ilang Linggo Na Lang... Thanks to Cesar Evangelista of Hi! Magazine.
Women on Top The Philippines ranks sixth in a list of 155 economies where the gender divide is less evident when it comes to opportunities in work, politics, education and health care. Sweden, Norway and Finland topped the list, with the United States settling for 22nd (primarily due to their lack of women in executive positions in government). China is way behind at 63, while France strangely charts at 70. The survey was conducted by the World Economic Forum (WEF) based in Geneva, Switzerland. "It would be hard to say the Philippines is necessarily a better place for women to live than the U.S., but you can see that the gap between men and women and in many developing countries is more equal partly out of economic necessity,'' Margareta Drzeniek, a senior economist at the WEF, said in an interview. "Because women have to work, there's more acceptance'' of them in positions of authority. The survey results were released today. What's interesting is t
Sights I got myself some new eyeglasses yesterday from Sabater Optical at Galleria, weeks after the annual physical exam recommended that it's time for a change. My astigmatism worsened from 150 to 180 over the last four years. I can't do contacts. I don't have the discipline, nor the grace, to properly maintain them. They say that contact lenses lessen eyebags, but that's not enough of a reason for me to switch. And I actually like wearing eyeglasses--they make me look somewhat intellectual. It would be fun, though, to try those colored, non-graded lenses. I wonder what I look like with grey eyes. Anyway... Saw Tanghalng Pilipino's Bakeretta last night. There was a snag in the press releases, though. Everyone thought that Bakeretta was a horror production, "somewhat in the tradition of Japanese horror films like Ring and The Grudge ." There were some horror elements, yes, but Bakeretta as a whole is more a drama, about a small theater company rehearsi
It's 6:30 in the morning, and I'm sleepy. I'll be going to bed in a few minutes, then wake up in the early afternoon to continue working. Tonight, I'll be going to the CCP to watch a play. Tomorrow, I go to the office for a few hours, then back home to work again. I'd like to squeeze a workout session in somehow. Sayang ang membership. Oh, and must get a haircut. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Kagabi, nagkuwentuhan kami ni Gwyn mula 11:30 ng gabi hanggang 3:30 ng umaga. Salamat, friend, for making me laugh. Laugh lang kami nang laugh. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Kamakailan, napanaginipan ko na may ka-romansa akong babae. 'Yung pa-sweet-sweet lang. Paggising ko'y headache ang nag-good morning sa akin. Itinulog ko na lang. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - May indie film festival sa Galleria at the end of the month. Gusto kong panoorin ang iilan doon. Magaganda ang mga poster nila. Nakita ko rin ang super-duper-ultra-megalithic na pagkahab
5 Tips on Drawing More “Realistic” Characters (Even If Your Style Isn’t) Whatever the art style, comics artists have as much responsibility as comics writers in bringing characters to life. While 90s-style "Image" poses in every panel still works, stories will benefit further if artists add a greater level of realism to characters, particularly in how these characters act and react in a story. When characters exhibit more individuality in a story, they look more involved and become distinct to readers. Following are some tips to help comics artists achieve this. 1. Get acquainted. If you know a person by heart, you’ll not only know how he or she may react in a given situation, but also determine the quality of the reaction. Two prim and proper schoolgirls will still have clear personality distinctions between them. Once you’ve determined the physical appearance of a character, think about how the character sits or walks, talks or shouts. Good comics scripts would explicitly d
Gay stuff Soon after Mexico City legalized gay partnerships last Thursday, South Africa takes its turn in allowing homosexuals to tie the knot. As expected, church leaders were up in arms against the legislation. Mexico is the second larget Catholic nation in the world. Its gay union bill is patterned after that of France, allowing inheritance and co-parenting right among others, though stopping short of adoption and the benefits of a full marriage. On the other hand, while homosexuality is illegal in many African nations, South Africa was the first country to enforce laws against discrimination based on sexual orientation. It is the fifth country to legalize gay marriages after the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Canada, allowing the same benefits given to heterosexual couples. In the Philippines, three bills have been filed to quell the same-sex union movement. Rep. Rufino Biazon and Sen. Rodolfo Biazon filed House Bill No. 1245 and Senate Bill No. 1575, respectively, which seeks
The Designer Issue: Real Living November 2006 In the November issue of Real Living , you'll read about: How 15 noted designers go about the design process; The formula behind the design styles of three world-renowned designers; The new breed of desk clocks; A bedroom makeover for a hardworking couple; ...and more! It's now available! Buy na!
Solo Flight The main story of yesterday's Sunday Inquirer Magazine--with Big Brother hunk Zanjoe Marudo on the cover--is about being single. I didn't read through the whole mag because I personally don't like jump pages. Give the reader a break, please. I've been single for four and a half years. It's true what they say: one gets used to it, and that isn't exactly a terrible thing. In the past, I needed someone to complete me, until I realized that it was 1) selfish and 2) dumb, at least to me. If I really needed another warm body to complete me, I'd be a vampire. I don't want to be a vampire. An emotional vampire, to be more specific. I remember being one of those and, though the thought of it is embarrassing, I don't want to wish it away. It allowed me to analyze in detail what went wrong inside me, to find out what needed fixing. During one of my more dramatic phases, I had a conviction that I'd be spending the rest of my life alone. Call it
I liked Christopher Nolan's The Prestige , even though I cheated a bit and peeked at a spoiler site. Despite that transgression, I still had to clear up the ending with a friend. But I liked Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette even more, though I agree with one movie critic who said that it's one of those love-it or hate-it films. Anyway, about a couple of months ago at a mall near home, I saw the poster of this movie and a large question mark popped above my head. Now I want to see it, if only to find out how funny they say it is. On the local front, I'm looking forward to seeing Maricel Soriano again in Inang Yaya , though it's the kind of role we're used to seeing her do. The Unitel Pictures feature is scheduled to open November 29.
ICON Magazine: Career Congratulations to the hardworking folks of ICON magazine as they release their 2nd anniversary issue. Dubbed "Career," the issue puts its own stamp on the phrase "working hard for the money." Apart from the arresting bevy of boys on the cover, you'll get: an insider's report on three Filipino representatives to the recently-concluded Gay Games in Chicago ; profiles of transwomen who brave opposition in the name of a decent career; a closer look at the opportunities and challenges of men whose looks are their top investment; and more! Get the latest ICON! Now na!
Get Your Graphic Novel Published! Thanks to Budj for the info. Adarna House , which released Arnold Arre 's After Eden and the Mythology Class compilation, is currently looking for story proposals for its next graphic novel under the Anino Comics imprint. Proposals should include: 1. Project brief Title Story genre, List of the creators to be involved in the project Estimated number of pages 2. One page story synopsis 3. Sample pages, character studies Stories may be in Filipino or in English. Compilations of previous published material are also welcome. Submissions may be sent to Adarna House, Room 201, JGS Building, 30 Scout Tuason St., Quezon City, or e-mailed at ph. Deadline for story proposals is November 30, 2007. For questions, email Jordan Santos at rjordanpsantos@ Go na! Now na!
Rough Cuts In college, I had a group project wherein we had to produce a short film, and it was a horrendous experience. In the late 80s, video cameras were mostly for the affluent, and non-linear editing was hardly the common practice. Plus, our inexperience--read, stupidity--when it came those bits like writing, sound, direction, editing, etc. were so obvious to the point of utter shame. Do note that the late 80s didn't have the benefit of the internet, so getting quick access to primers and tips was virtually absent. No pun intended. (Come to think of it, that was the beauty of pre-internet and pre-celphone times... you made the most of what little you had.) After work yesterday, I met up with Tuxqs to visit Vince de Jesus in his Quezon City home. The agenda was viewing the Zaturnnah film in its entirety sans the special effects, dubbing and musical score. I won't go into nitpick mode, since this wasn't exactly the final film. Plus, the copy given to Vince was in hi-def