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Virgin Labfest 12: Binyag

Apart from continuing my drawing chores for Zaturnnah sa Maynila, I spent some time at the Cultural Center of the Philippines over the last few weeks to take part in the Virgin Labfest proceedings. The distance that I needed to cover to get to the CCP has always been daunting, making me unable to watch all the featured plays. My normal commute would be to take the LRT-2 from Santolan to Pureza, then hail a cab to take me to Pasay. Going home was a greater--and at times, more expensive--challenge, especially during Friday and payday nights. Apart from my set, I was only able to catch Set D, which featured Eliza Victoria's "Marte" (directed by George de Jesus), Dingdong Novenario's "Daddy's Girl" (dir. Nick Pichay), and Rick Patriarca's "Hapagkainan" (dir. Chris Martinez). It was the last day of the festival, and both sets C and D were closing on that day. As was expected, the theatre was packed for the final show of the festival, and I