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Flips Flipping Pages with Zaturnnah

The Flips Flipping Pages Book Club intends to tear up--hopefully with gusto--the Zaturnnah story next month, and I've been invited to guest. I don't know how these events go, so I'm taking it as an eye-opening experience. Joining me is Tuxqs Rutaquio, the guy who played Ada in the Tanghalang Pilipino musical adaptation. The intimate event will be held on Saturday, July 12, 3pm, at the second floor of Baang Coffee Shop along Tomas Morato Avenue. Non-members can participate but there are only limited slots. Please write them through sana_staana(at)yahoo(dot)com if you'd like to crash the event. - - - - - - - - The book whore in me struck again. Got my credit card running in favor of five books from the Fully Booked sale (20% off!) at Power Plant Mall. P. Craig Russell's graphic adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Coraline , as well as other goodies, was too hard to resist. I spent so much time in the bookstore that I forgot to watch Wanted .

On Character Design

The saying, "You are what you wear," pretty much sums up my recently-adapted philosophy when I think about character design. The joy of designing characters not only rests in determining who these imaginary personages are, but also how their non-physical attributes reflect on their manner of dress. Coming up with a design can start with asking, "who are you?" When that's settled, the question "what would you wear?" can follow. This illustration is a rejected commission piece, but I particularly enjoyed evoking the unique personalities of these characters through their costumes. The overall theme is military, and the initial peg was manga. Maybe I can use them for my own personal gain in the future. Hwek hwek hwek.

On Mentorship

When I look back through the years of learning and applying whatever knowledge I've found, what disturbs me is the fact that I've never had a long-term mentor. Sure, I did go through acting workshops under New Voice Company, then there are those kind souls from whom I've learned a lot from. But I've never been anyone's 'apprentice.' With the two disciplines I'm currently engaged in--graphic design and making comics--I learned (and am still learning) the ropes on my own, through research, trial and error, and feedback from peers, readers, and clients. I was never part of a group that shared knowledge and insight on what I needed to do to improve in these disciplines. Yes, there was the Alamat Comics Group, but that was mostly the boat that held everyone afloat. We didn't have workshops or group-wide collaborations, and we didn't challenge each other with criticism or ways to improve. Perhaps there's a stubborn part of me that refuses to be men

Andrew Villar's AMBUSH

Made this promise to Andrew Villar a few weeks ago. For those who don't already know, Andrew writes and draws the comic strip Ambush for the Manila Bulletin. He featured Zaturnnah in one of his strips , so I'd like to return his generosity. Thanks, Andrew.

David Hasselhoff Questions His Sexuality... Derrick Barry wows 'em on America's Got Talent.

Got a Good-Looking Crib? Join RL's Best Home Contest!

Do your friends tell you that you have a great-looking living room? Do your relatives say they love your dining area? How about your bedroom? Do you have a sensible, well-maintained living space which reflects your unique personal style? Of course, you wouldn't want to toot your own horn despite what your friends and relatives say, but Real Living magazine wants you to, to the tune of over P200,000 worth of prizes! So if you have a home that your friends and relatives gush over, why not join the Real Living Best Home Contest ? You'll get a chance to win the grand prize of P160,000 worth of products, furniture and gift certificates from high-profile establishments (Restoration, Elba, BoConcept, etc.), and be the cover feature for Real Living's October 2008 issue--great for framing! Two runners-up will be chosen to win over P40,000 worth of prizes each. Joining is easy: 1) The contest is open to homes located in the GMA and CALABARZON areas. 2) Homes that have not been pro

Unfortunately, for the Graphic Novelist...

I've been exhausted these past few days, so I don't have any new pages to show. I will be posting more pages, that's certain, perhaps in two to three weeks as I get my system back in check. But thanks for dropping by and offering words of encouragement, support and enthusiasm. (And for coming to my defense, bless you.) The toughest part of this little crusade of churning out new Pinoy comics is having to deal with limited time and endurance. I admire those creators who choose to make comics full time, moreso those who have families to support. I have said before that making Pinoy comics could be a lucrative venture, but the operative word is "could." It takes a special creature to be able to do this. But as of now, I'm not one of them. I'm still held fast by the fear of a diminished bank account. I also envy those who are content with doing either writing or drawing. The writers don't have to worry much about how the pages are going to turn out in the


Those who know me can attest that I've always been a tee-shirt and jeans kind of guy. Sneakers fit nicely into my fashion equation. While I more often won't bat an eyelash at spending on books, the idea of plunking down a load of cash for clothes is still an alien concept to me, particularly when it comes to "designer" labels. Of course, some would say that it's all about looking good, no matter the brand. But I find it hard to experiment in this searing tropical weather. I am predisposed to sweating, sometimes quite profusely, and little me never took up the habit of carrying a hanky, or even the bimpo . Collared shirts and long sleeves make me uncomfy, and layering is not even an option. But when I was tasked to emcee the launch of Real Living's newest book, Real Home Ideas 3: 101 Home Essentials, I had to dress the part. So when our style editor Gwyn said one afternoon, "Pilian kita ng damit," I gamely agreed. It felt like one of those makeover pr

Real Living June 2008: The Real Estate Special

In the June 2008 issue of Real Living , you'll find: 1) A directory of two dozen new real estate development options for your future dream home; 2) Loads of tips on how to make the most of your small living space; 3) Fancy appliances that bring home living to a new level; 4) How to create your own sexy bedroom; and a lot more! Get your copy for only P125! Now na!

The Shock

A comment just came in through this blog post , from one who chooses to remain anonymous. I shall quote it here: "bakla ka carlo amf ka! pangbakla ang kwento mo hayup ka! kaya dumadami ang mga baklang katulad mo dahil sa mga tulad mo rin na walang kwenta! pwe!" Many of you may see this comment as highly immature, irrational and cowardly. To a lot of you, it is not worthy of any attention. But it has gotten mine, and because I have chosen to leave this blog open to any and all comments, I have honored this comment by letting it through, and allowing this anonymous person the pleasure in the thought that the comment has affected me. There's really no way around it. People will have their private thoughts about my work, or opinions about who I am, even if they've never met me. They don't care what I've achieved or whatever sincerities I hold. I can say that homosexuals are like heterosexuals in that there are the good eggs and the bad eggs, but such rationalizati

Plus Points for "The Echo"

I guess I was under a boulder for quite a while. Looks like Yam Laranas' Sigaw remake The Echo is earning initial post Cannes praise. Ruben Nepales of the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported late last month that Todd Stone of reviewed The Echo favorably . Then there's another encouraging review over at , written by one Lance Curtis. These reviews, however, make no mention of Iza Calzado. Her name doesn't even appear in a number of movie websites' cast lists. That sucks. Will this movie neutralize the scathing feedback on Serbis ? Will 2008 be the year when the Filipino begins to make a significant mark in the international entertainment scene? More importantly, will the horrid "Kapuso vs. Kapamilya" habit ever be put to rest?