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Might as well put a drawing...
A New Reality A few years ago, I was asked by a gay newbie to be his mentor, and this isn’t one of those things that should make you go “hmmmm…” Nothing sexual here, just an advisory post. I admit that I’m not a good mentor, since being one solicits expectations of being knowledged in most aspects of the lifestyle, even the sexual ones. I’m the last person to approach when it comes to those experiences. The neophyte is almost always curious about exploring sexuality openly. As Will & Grace 's Jack would say, it's putting the 'sex' in 'homosexual.' But one doesn’t need to throw himself face-first into the food chain, or be too excited about bagging that first boyfriend. It’s all about choice and circumstance. Even though I’ve consciously been attracted to guys as early as sixth grade, I never had a boyfrined till I was 24, and I became part of a gay posse only in 2002. In my youth, I felt out of place among the more flamboyant gay guys, and found comfort in
Bouncing back is always difficult, especially after particularly traumatizing experiences. The best way I’ve found to help in the healing is to retract and take another road, subject myself to a new set of experiences, put myself in that white-walled infirmary removed from the environment of the past. It’s like doing a Coelho and admitting oneself to the looney bin. Sure, there’ll be a whole lot of looneys, but they’re of a different crazy mold. So many songs have proclaimed the world to be crazy anyway, and insanity has become subjective. Everyone’s a lunatic. I still fall into that funk occasionally, when my mind turns a blank and ghosts come to invade the hollow. I can’t even put together a proper story anymore, or even write a song. Normally, when I’m depressed, creativity breaks through the dam. Now, even that has been affected. It frustrates me that it’s been too long since. But thankfully, I have a good job, some cash in my pocket and friends who call me up to chat and laugh
Miramax in Cabanatuan THE GREAT RAID Starring: Benjamin Bratt, Connie Nielsen, James Franco, Joseph Fiennes, Mark Consuelos Directed by: John Dahl Set in the Philippines in 1945, "The Great Raid" tells the true story of the 6th Ranger Battalion, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Henry Mucci (Benjamin Bratt) who undertake a daring rescue mission against all odds. Traveling thirty miles behind enemy lines, the 6th Ranger Battalion aims to liberate over 500 American prisoners-of-war from the notorious Cabanatuan Japanese POW camp in the most audacious rescue ever. Diustributed by Miramax. Scheduled for wide US release in August 2005. Movie info courtesy of Yahoo! Movies .
Crud So Palawan is now under the administrative jurisdiction of Western Visayas. Crud. When the province was considered for inclusion in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao over a decade ago (if my memory serves me well), a referendum was conducted. As it went, the Palawe├▒os said 'nay.' Now I'm wondering why no referendum was held for this new development. Reminds me of that time when Marikina, once part of Rizal province, was attached to the NCR. We had to recondition ourselves into writing "Marikina, Metro Manila" from "Marikina, Rizal." And now I'm wondering how much different would it be, one way or the other? When you visit the center of the city, wondefully rehabilitated and improved by the Fernandos, the provincial feel hasn't left. Even with the Riverbanks development projects going on, the relaxed and homey atmosphere has been maintained. As for Palawan, mom's home province has been part of the Southern Tagalog region for, like,
Late afternoon yesterday, I helped the maids sweep out rain water that flooded both the wet and dry kitchens during the freak downpour. The eaves couldn’t hold the rainfall, and the downspouts had been clogged by dried leaves from our ancient kaimito tree, so it was literally raining inside that portion of the house. Very cartoon-like. Armed with our trusty walis tingting , we were sweeping continuously for about 20 minutes. I told mom that I would be climbing onto the roof to clear the eaves, while she called the reliable carpenter to control the problem. The house is as old as I am--34 years-- with hardly any renovation, so I assume it continued to stand by sheer will alone. Speaking of houses, I had two photo shoots last week. Since Real Living magazine is about interior design, all of our subjects concern either furniture and fixtures, interiors of homes and condominium units, or home improvement. While I enjoyed looking through mom’s House and Garden magazines when I was a kid,