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Be a Superhero for Sendong victims

Every little bit helps. The graphic below (click on it to enlarge) has been shared on Facebook over 400 times, so you can spread this at your leisure. I've been texting donations over the past few days. Many of you might already know that my family was not spared years ago when Ondoy roared through Luzon. It was a nerve-wracking experience, but nothing compared to what happened in Mindanao. So, admittedly, Christmas for me was not as joyous as I had hoped, knowing that tens of thousands will remember this season as a dark cloud without a silver lining. Tragedies put our realities in perspective. And if there's one thing that Sendong has done, it would be to remind us what Christmas--and being human--is all about. If you're not able to volunteer, or give a lot, then a little texting will go a long way in bringing hope. In times of despair, hope is all we need.

A Merry Christmas to Everyone!

From me and the gang... Maligayang Pasko! :-D