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Good Housekeeping: August 2010

If you didn't already know, I started my new job as creative director for Good Housekeeping -Philippines last May. Hence every month, you'll experience my shameless plugging of this mag. :-) Here goes... In the August issue of Good Housekeeping , you'll learn: 30 new and simple tips on saving money • The budget-friendly fashion secret (also used by showbiz stars) • Recipes that turn canned goods into hearty meals • Affordable home decor strategies • and MORE! Get a motherload of tips for your house and home for only P100 ! Mas mura pa sa sine!!

Dear Chowking...

Dear Chowking, I must say that in the past, I have enjoyed your food selections and your affordable prices. I would order kangkong --my Chowking staple--and I'd appreciate how you'd always serve this nutritious swamp grass in a nice neat bundle. And your bagoong tastes wonderful. Last May 16, 2010, I visited your Robinson's Forum branch to have dinner, and I ordered kangkong again. I also ordered your Oh!range Chicken, not because of Jericho Rosales, but because the dish looked oh-s0-good in the pictures. Here is what I got. This picture was taken before I even touched the thing. Why, Chowking? Why have you betrayed me? There are backwater karinderyas who serve their food in a more appealing way than this. And not even an orange slice in my chicken? (But what about those lovely pictures?) I still go to Chowking, so maybe this letter may be pointless to you. And I understand that, yes, Chowking is still fastfood, and the above display was, indeed, prepared fast. But maybe

"Ze Poem"

I was approached by Mr. Pete Lacaba at the office sometime last week and he told me about a poetry event that took place last June 23 at the Alliance Francaise de Manille. The Printemps des Poetes (Spring of Poets) is an annual poetry event which traditionally is held in March to coincide with springtime in France. Sir Pete told me that Palanca- and Philippine Free Press-awardee Mookie Katigbak (someone I have never met) presented a poem inspired by the Zaturnnah book. It was a gesture that was highly flattering, considering that Printemps des Poetes is one of THE mondo big-time high-profile poetry events, with the participation of no less than the likes of (insert praise-y superlatives here) Krip Yuson, Gemino Abad, Virgilio Almario, et al. Anyways, here's Mookie Katigbak's poem, reproduced here with her permission. Thank you, Mookie. ZE POEM I'll never know You battle giant frogs, Why my soft limbs Graveyard ghosts. Fighting foes My