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I'll be blog-scarce for a few weeks. Not sure when I'll be back. To those who've made this page an occasional segment of their internet surfing time, thanks for reading and commenting, and for all the support. Until whenever. Take care all!
One Night In Purgatory: A Sequel? At some point, the idea for a sequel to One Night In Purgatory struck me. In fact, I was even willing to expand it into a trilogy, or a three-act graphic novel. There was a semblance of closure in that 2001 grafiction piece, though many readers found it to be a cop out. My stand, however, rests on the reality that a lot of stories, whether real or make-believe, have no closure. Some of our life’s chapters only muster pseudo-endings, and we are left to write our own, whether they prance into Elysium Fields or drop into Gehenna. But there are the endings that float in Limbo. They’ve ended, but not necessarily in the way we want them to. Anyway, the supposedly second act to the Purgatory trilogy focuses on Deio and Casey going about their separate lives, sprikled with reflection and insight about how relationships grow and die, how difficult it is for some to let go, and how easy it is for others to walk away. Deio goes back to hanging out with
"I'm Buying You Out!" Clicked to greenjack 's blog and found out how much he's worth. Curious, I went to Human for Sale to get myself appraised. It revealed, "You are worth exactly: $1,882,086.00" This makes me slightly more expensive than the average male, which the site has historically tagged at $1,853,491.00.
Worked Out My butt hurts. In my recent stay at Linden Suites with members of the gang, I took the opportunity to use the gym for a full body workout. Squats are among my fave exercises, and I did a couple of sets on the squat machine. Add to that some punishment to my pecs and delts and lats, and now I’m feeling that good kind of sore. I’m done with all of the new art for the Zaturnnah compilation, and next up is the book design for Siglo. With the extra time on my hands, I could go back to working out more regularly and implement my diet plan. I miss getting hurt. Grave Thoughts After Linden suites, I taxied home to drop off loose baggage and joined my brother, his wife and son to Loyola – Marikina to visit daddy and gran-paw. We got to the cemetery at around three in the afternoon and stayed till around nine in the evening. The family had skipped setting up the large tent, an activity that was fun during the first few years but eventually tedious thereafter. The weat