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Kalabanin ang Google at Facebook

NOTE: Forgive me. Just needed to do this. Sa isang coffee shop malapit sa isang I.T. research facility sa Silicon Valley, nagkakape si Programmer Zoorla. Enter si Programmer Juniffer. Programmer Juniffer Darling, natapos ko na rin. Dyusku, ten thousand years ko itong trinabaho! Programmer Zoorla Anech ba 'yan? Ilang araw ka nang nakakulong sa laboratoryo mo. Hindi ka na nakakapag-gimik. Ayan, nagkaroon ka na ng natural highlights. In English...uban. In British... uban jungle. Programmer Juniffer Natapos ko na ang pinakabagong search engine na tsutsugibells sa Googelyah. Programmer Zoorla Talaga? Ang galing! Pa-search nga diyan sa inimbento mong search engine! Programmer Juniffer Eto ang mobile phone ko. Dito ako nag-code. Naglagay na rin ako ng Wi-Fi capability sa phone ko. Programmer Zoorla Dito mo ki-nowd ang Googelyah search engine fighter mo??? Programmer Juniffer Oo, bakit? Programmer Zoorla Eh, punyetang Nokia 3210 itong hayup na celphone mo. Mas matanda pa 'to sa lola ko

How This Picture Happened

It was just before the 3pm show last Saturday. At first I didn't recognize her--the only time I ever saw her in person was when she performed in "Proof" years ago. But seeing her just a few feet away from me... slow brain, slow brain... She bought a book, then turned to me with a smile. "Could you sign this for me?" My face lit up. Bam! OMG! "Can I have a picture taken with you?!" *click*

One More Run Down

" ... ZsaZsa Zaturnnah ze Muzikal -- adapted from the comic book by Chris Martinez with direction by Chris Millado -- has (are you ready for this?) sashayed its way to a spot in the hallowed selection of local theater classics, the way Nick Joaquin's Portrait of the Artist as a Filipino or Alberto S. Florentino's The World is an Apple or Wilfredo Ma. Guerrero's Wanted: A Chaperone or Orlando Nadres's Hanggang Dito na Lamang at Maraming Salamat are constantly returned to, again and again." --from the blog of Ian Rosales Casocot Congratulations once again to the highly-talented peeps at Tanghalang Pilipino for yet another successful run of the Zaturnnah musical. Mucho thanks, as well, to everyone who took time out to catch this 6th run. I was at the CCP during most of the shows to sign books and programs and smile for photographs, and it's always a treat to see some old faces who couldn't get enough of the show. Gawsh, it's been three years and

American Idol: A Gut Feeling

With American Idol making up new rules this season, we've ended auditions and eliminations with 13 finalists. My gut-feel top six are as follows, in no particular order : Jasmine Murray Danny Gokey Jorge Nuñez Lil Rounds Adam Lambert Kris Allen or Megan Corkrey