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It's Raining Dodongs

  (click on the images to enlarge) Who would've thought? Certainly not me. Since 2006, the boyish-looking hunk who spends his day minding the family store has been played by seven actors, all of whom have offered (or will offer) their own interpretation of this enigmatic, thrill-inducing concept known as "Dodong." Those who have picked up the collected edition of the Zaturnnah graphic novel know that the original name of Dodong was Zandro. Zandro, a name that had an edgy boldstar ring to it, didn't quite fit the character I had wanted to create. The name Dodong came out naturally. It was informal, non-threatening, had a strong Filipino quality to it, and suggested the traditional everyday provincial aspect I wanted the character to have. The fact that he possessed "noodles," or the "katawang pangromansa" was the edge--the surprise--I had hoped to give him. I never imagined readers responding to him in the positive way that they did. I was glad

The 2011 Poster

Nothing too radically new, save the nice background. I supplied the image, Tanghalang Pilipino did the rest. I'm assuming that the cast list printed here is the final one. (click on the image to enlarge)

Will 2011 Be a Zaturnnah Year?

Happy 2011, everyone. If there's one thing that Facebook did to me, it would be taking me away from my blog and entice me with the simplicity of the status update. The downside of that is the lack of practice in the writing department. And since my day job doesn't require me to do much writing, the rust has pretty much spread. So forgive any grammar or spelling errors from hereon. You may have heard that the Zaturnnah musical will have another run from February 18 to March 13 at the CCP Little Theater. This is another special fund-raising event for Tanghalang Pilipino, not unlike the fund-raiser they did in early-2009. While it's nice to know that Tanghalang Pilipino trusts the Zaturnnah musical to help them with their financial troubles, it would be great if they developed other material that had strong commercial potential. That, however, is a topic for another day. The cast line-up is still nebulous at this point, but Eula Valdes and Tuxqs Rutaquio reprise thier ro