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International and "Special" Orders: Zaturnnah sa Kalakhang Maynila

The special ordering page at the Avenida Books website is live for international orders as well as special orders. You have to register with the site so that you can order. There are two ordering pages. For both pages, you can add your special discount code AVENZZ150 when you check out. (Gumroad peeps can use their special discount code.) You will be emailed about payment options and shipping charges. The website says international orders will be billed separately for the shipping charges. Please email for more information. 1) BOOKS ONLY CLICK HERE if you want to get unsigned copies of the book. Just choose whether you want "Local Delivery" or "International Delivery" from the dropdown menu. Note that Philippine-based peeps can still order via Shopee through THIS LINK . 2) BOOKS WITH SKETCH AND/OR SIGNATURE CLICK HERE if you want to get your books with a signed sketch or a signature. There is no option for a dedication. J