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Jobba Jobba Jobs! Openings for March 31, 2010

Two new Summit companies are looking for capable folks to fill in their manpower requirements. Hand.Interactive, Inc. A company which will focus on expanding Summit Media's experience into the 55 million mobile subscribers in the Philippines. For the next 3 years, it will focus on developing three core services: a. Enhancing the magazine, billboard & website experience with interactive mobile services; b. Bringing the different magazines & web content into the mobile space; c. Expanding Summit services for third party use STAFF FOR MOBILE SERVICES DEVELOPMENT & MARKETING TEAM Works with managing editors across the publications & digital sites of Summit Media to: Determine joint opportunities in mobile & the different relevant mobile services per brand (traditional Mobile VAS, Mobile Magazines, partners & campaigns). Identify joint directions in regularly making mobile interaction points within magazines & porting out magazines (and their media) to mobile

The Business Ideas We Wish We Had

I've always wanted to go into some kind of business but, unfortunately, business savvy is something I sorely lack in. I'm the kind of guy who'll readily give discounts to most any friend or family member (if not for free), unless of course I get the biting feeling that some kind of abuse is going on. But I still dream of having my own business, something not directly related to making comics. I've entertained ideas for food cart businesses. While there are a lot of cheap franchises out there in which I can get my feet wet, I still have hesitations over running something that isn't an idea I can fall in love with. Unless, of course, I fall in love with the basic need to earn more money and experience. Business ideas are a dime a dozen, and a lot of them are deceptively simple. King of Balls comes to mind, with their oh-s0-deliciously-sweet red gulaman, the closest to a cheap and addicting sugar bomb I'll ever get. But here are a few of business ideas I've run

My Other Website: Color Kiddies

So far, I've over 20 images in my Color Kiddies website, where nice people can download free coloring pages and free clip art. 20 images isn't a lot, but we all have to start somewhere, right? Anyway, I'm thoroughly enjoying this little distraction, since it gives me a chance to practice my drawing and coloring skills. I was supposed to upload these updates last weekend, but I ran into major tech trouble. Now with that being water under the bridge (crossing fingers as I type this), I present to you three more fantasy-themed coloring pages for free download. Click on each image to go to their respective download pages! As always, you can also download free drawing pages and clipart! Enjoy!

Tech Troubles

Last week wasn't a good week for me, tech-wise. Last Tuesday, my workstation in the office died. The Mac unit was roughly four years old and the OS wouldn't load. And all my files? Gone. Last Saturday, the workstation at home AND my netbook conked out. The home workstation was about six years old, and it had served the family well with its limited 512kb RAM and 40GB hard drive. I got a new unit over the weekend, loaded with Windows 7, and I pray that it lasts at least three years. As for the two-year old netbook, I had the harddrive checked at a repair shop (and learned what enclosures are), and was told that nothing could be retrieved. Everything else worked, so it's just a matter of me getting a new hard drive for the unit and loading it with a new OS. Or, maybe save up a bit more and get a new netbook. Just have to find a way to manage all the e-junk that's slowly piling up. The hassles of the 21st century. I'm recalling those stress-free yesteryears ... all we

Advice to the Newly Grads

I graduated from college in September 1990 with a Business degree in Marketing Management from De La Salle University. Thanks to having skipped Nursery and Kindergarten, plus going through DLSU's trimestral system, I plunged into the real world at 19 years old. My first job was for a company that sold multi-volume encyclopedias. You know, those huge books that you could hit people with to knock them out. I didn't know if I could hack being a door-to-door salesman, but it was a job. I went through the training, but eventually bolted before they could send me out to the field. I moved to Sterling Paper Products in Caloocan. It was November 1990. There, day in and day out, I was literally cutting and pasting typeset text on blank cards to be used in greeting card production, or cross checking greeting card sales in reams of dot-matrix printed reports. Super clerical work. I spent nine months in Sterling, even though my immediate supervisor had told me that I was overqualified My n

"Renaissance" Book Signing at NBS - Greenbelt 5

Those who are aching to get a copy of " Renaissance: Ang Muling Pagsilang " can drop by National Bookstore - Glorietta 5 (not Greenbelt 5 as originally reported) on March 13 (Saturday) from four to six in the afternoon. This is the first leg of a three-venue book tour. I'll try to attend. A number of artists will be in attendance for all you autograph-seekers. Do get a copy... it's for a good cause. The annual Summer Komikon is back! All you comics fans can swing by the UP Bahay ng Alumni at UP Diliman on April 17, 2010. If you're up to joining a Komikon contest, check out the official Komikon blog . With the mounting pressures at work as well as my ongoing crusade to finish the Zaturnnah book, I thought it best to create a little diversion for myself. I haven't made a website in a while, so I took some time to set up the Color Kiddies website, which features downloadable coloring pages for kids. It's still in "beta" and a there aren't a l

Summit Media Job Openings: March 2010

EDITORIAL ASSISTANT – SMART PARENTING At least a Bachelor's/College Degree in Creative Writing, Journalism, or any related course. Excellent communication and WRITING skills. Female; 21 years old and above. Must know how to write and should be very knowledgeable in parenting issues and / or concerns. Dynamic, creative and flexible. Interested and knowledgeable in parenting issues and / or concerns. EDITORIAL ASSISTANT – REAL LIVING At least a Bachelor's/College Degree in Creative Writing, Journalism, or any related course. Excellent communication and WRITING skills. Female; 21 years old and above. Must know how to write and should be very knowledgeable and interested in interior designing, etc. Dynamic, creative and flexible. EDITORIAL ASSISTANT – COSMOPOLITAN At least a Bachelor's/College Degree in Creative Writing, Journalism, Fashion, or any related course. Excellent communication and WRITING skills. Female; 21 years old and above. Must know how to write and possesses

Photoshopping Charice Pempengco

I love love love Charice! I can't wait to hear her debut album, which is supposed to be released within the next few months. And I can't wait to see any of her singles land in the Billboard Top 10. Her second single Pyramid is reportedly climbing Billboard's dance charts. This follows the #44 peak she earned in the Hot 100 for Note To God . Of course, since David Foster et al. would want Charice to be more relevant and current to the U.S. audience, packaging Charice would be part of the plan. Here's the "cover image" for the remix compilation of her single Pyramid as it appears in Amazon . So far so good. Not a whole lot of Photoshopping here. And the pose works well for her. I actually love everything about how she looks here, including the dance-diva threads. But then here comes the cover image for the album version of the single... Whoa! Normally, I'd scoff at digital alterations like this. But I'm unforgiveably biased, so I'm giving it a lot