Sinag Arts

March 25 brought me to the Sinag Arts Foundation in Mandaluyong, to watch the culminating activity of a technical theater workshop in which the participants had come from all over the ASEAN region and Japan. The culminating activity was an abridged version of the first act of the Zaturnnah musical, and the participants handled the lights design, sound design, and whatever other technical design covered by the workshop.

Among the cast, Wilma Doesnt wasn't able to join. Kalila Aguilos played Queen Femina, Lauren Novero took the chores as Dodong (he looks more comfy in the role now), and musical director Vince de Jesus took the cudgels for Didi.

Because a lot of the audience members were foreigners, parts of the script had to be translated to English. As Tuxqs told me, para silang naging kolehiyala. And Vince was hilarious! He wore the Didi role like a charm, and added more interest by lisping through his lines. It was a fresh take on a great role.

After the show, I joined the cast for some videoke at Io along Jupiter. And what an experience that was. Put a whole bunch'a talented theater actors (who can sing!) in one room and you're assured of a night of great voices and a lot of craziness. These guys sure know how to have fun. I had to leave at 11pm, but they had the room until three in the morning. Walang sawaan sa pagkanta!

(Thanks to mtob for the photo.)


Anonymous said…
we missed your posts! :)
see you at the rerun!
Anonymous said…
zee...sobrang busy eh. :-( See you soon! :-)
Anonymous said…
at andaming nabentang books, huh?! :D

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