Well, hello there....

This is officially my 999th post.

Last month, I only posted once on this blog, a stark contrast to those days when I'd be revved up to posting everyday--twice a day, even. Recently, motivation has taken me elsewhere, and the astrologer I consulted told me that I was at the tail end of a creative cycle. So the slump I've been experiencing is serendipitously aligned with the stars. Felt that way, too.

A couple of months ago, I resigned from Summit Media. I thought to myself that, perhaps, trying my luck again as a solo creative would turn for the better. I had my laundry list of activities ready for ticking. However, the company head honcho contacted me and offered me a promotion, to be part of another department. Naturally, I felt important, but I was anxious, too. I have never experienced being "promoted" in my 18+ years of employment.

Plus, there's my lack of experience. The new job required me to conceptualize advertising materials, but I spent less than four months in two advertising agencies. First was way, way back in 1991 in Well Advertising, then fast forward to 2005 in Harrison Communications. The biggest project I handled in my three months in Well was for Kao Biore--I wrote and drew manga-style comics featuring two female office workers. In Harrison, a one full-page ad for Globe was all I did in my two weeks there.

I told Summit Media head honcho about my lack of experience, but she didn't sound bothered by it. I was more bothered than she was.

After days of deep thought, I accepted the offer. I moved from being Art Director of Real Living magazine, to Creative Director of Special Publications - Key Accounts. Sounds scary, doesn't it? But conceptualizing ad materials is the kind of job I actually had wished for when I was in high school and college. After over 18 years, I got the job that I wanted.

Fortunately, my no-nonsense boss has bona fide agency experience, and I'm learning a lot from him, particularly fine tuning my thought processes to address advertising challenges. My graphic design experience and marketing education is helping lots, but advertising is a different end of the same boat. I don't think I have a problem with creativity per se, but it tends to scatter or run off in tangents.

So we'll see. The potential for mental stress is greater in this new job; it's only been over a month and I'm already feeling it. But I like the variety and the rest of the team are wonderful talented folks. Also, I've been in Summit for over four years. It's the longest I've ever been in a company, so that's enough for a pat on the back.


Hazel Manzano said…
You got what you wanted after 18 years.. How does it feel? Is it still something that you want? Nah, Don't think about it. Enjoy the opportunity and congrats! Good move for your resume. lolz
Yang said…
love our new layout, bro! *muah*
Carver said…
migs... thankee! :-)

Hazel... It honestly feels weird, considering that comics has moved up the "dream career" list.

Reia... heheh, tenks... nagsawa na ako sa dati.

Visprint... Salamat! Mwah!
Anonymous said…

Congratulations on your new job. It's nice that you have realized what you really want to do after 18 years. Most people spend a lifetime not knowing what they really want to do.
Just surround yourself with reading materials that will give your creativity more boost. I'm referring to journals such as : HOW, PRINT, ART DIRECTION, COMMUNICATION ARTS, GRAPHIS etc...Sometimes you can grab them at your friendly-neighborhood BOOKSALE outlet.

BTW, sino ang pumalit sa iyo sa REAL LIVING ? asan ba ang office mo ?

Carver said…
Auggie!!! Thanks much. Well, I wanted to go into advertising as early as 3rd year high school, but that was in 1986, so I didn't know how to go about it in pre-internet, pre-mobile phone times.

Real Living now has Arlene Sy as Art Director. SHe used to be with Marie Claire magazine. :)

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