Structural Beauty

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. Then there's that oft-mentioned "rule" that beauty can be seen in the mirror likeness of the left and right sides of the face.

Then there's beauty based on the Golden Ratio, the number that's theoretically the cornerstone of every natural creation. For those who aren't aware of the Golden Ratio (represented by the greek letter phi), which is based on the Fibonacci series, you can get a primer through Evolution of Truth.

A feature on the website Interactive Mathematics presents a pattern for a face that conforms to the Golden Ratio. The site even has a little interactive test where you can match this mask with the faces of Jessica Simpson, Tom Cruise, and Jessica Alba.

As expected, my face doesn't match this mask. But since I'm the kind of person who likes to experiment on myself, I decided to give my picture a whirl and Photoshop my way into Golden Ratio attractiveness. The results are, well...

... parang ta-artits nang slight.


Anonymous said…
das incredible ! parang taartits nga, parang second coming ni Yul Brynner, walang stir, check out the photos of Yul, makikita mo ang striking resemblance....

Ed said…
Wow! Yul Brynner!

...sino yun? :P

Okay to ah. Hmm...try ko kaya. :D
monsanto said…
ganun ba pag nagpaplasic surgery ka? :) Yun ang una kong naisip hehe.
Anonymous said…
Good Luck sayo...and Good Look sayo..ahahaha, pweeng pagsamahin? Good Loouck? Sana lumabas na ZZZ2, I'm waiting for it....God bless
Anonymous said…
magkamukha kayo ni bok! :)
Unknown said…
Korams, Yul Brynner nga ang beauty mo! (Actually, crush ko si Yul kahit deceased na, hehehe) But you look fine as is, Carl, pramis! :)

I do remember discussing symmetry when we were staring at this movie poster with Dennis Trillo on it...interesting! Now I know why models and actors resort to plastic surgery!
Carver said…
Auggie... Homaygas! Yul Brynner nga! :-)

Ed... nasubukan mo na? :-)

monsanto... naku, hindi pa ata kaya 'yan ng siyensiya. :-)

maria... ikaw talaga. :)

proscenium arch... wait lang po, may tinatapos pa. :-) All the best din sa 'yo.

mark... actually. May point ka diyan. :)

rachelle... mahirap 'atang sabihin, "Dok, pakipantay nga mukha ko." heheheh
Murray said…
Hi Carver

I'm glad you found my Math of Beauty to be useful.

I've never seen anyone Photoshop themselves into mathematical beauty before - good job! (For my own face, I was too afraid to put the mask over it - yikes, I was very worried that I would never be able to manipulate it to fit...)

You may be interested in an updated article on Phi called Is Phi a Fibonacci Furphy?


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