Tuesday, August 06, 2013

What Would You Do With 11 Billion Pesos?

The news industry is abuzz with reports of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos'purchase of The Washington Post for US$250 million, said to come from the liquidation of his Amazon stocks. As of this writing, that amount translates to Php10.88 billion. (It's actually Php10.885. I just took out the 5.)

If you had Php10.88 billion, what would you do?

To put things in perspective, I made a few calculations, since I'm wont to doing these things as a mental exercise. The examples below do not take inflation into account.

If you allot Php2 billion to start and operate a modest-sized mall, you can build five malls, and you've got spare change to invest somewhere else. (SM Aura was reported to have cost Php3.5 billion.)

If you allot Php1.5 billion to build a 300-unit condominium building (DMCI was reported to have invested Php 1.3 billion in a 560-unit Ohana Residences), you'll have seven such buildings.

If you allot Php100 million to build and furnish a mansion, you'll have 108 mansions.

If you allot Php50 million for the production and marketing of a feature film (which is a lot by Philippine standards), you can make 217 movies. If you produce four films a year, it would take you 54 years to use up that whole amount.

If you allot Php10 million for the production and marketing of a theatre musical (also a lot by Philippine standards), you can mount 1,088 productions. If one season has four productions, it would take 272 years for the whole amount to run out.

If you give Php7 million to each Filipino who wants to set up a business and learn how to run it, you'll be able to fund 1,554 businesses. If you fund 20 businesses a year, it would take you 77 years to use up the whole amount.

If you allot Php5 million to educate and sustain the living of a student in an overseas university, you can do so for 2,170 students. If you fund the education of 20 students a year, the whole kaboodle will run out in 108 years.

If you allot Php2,000,000 for the production and marketing of a book or magazine that has excellent production values, you can fund 5,440 such projects. If you fund 10 projects a year, you'll use up the whole amount in, oh, close to five and a half centuries.

If you hired 100 people to do your evil bidding and paid them Php100,000 a month, you'll have enough money to pay them for 90 years.

If you allot Php400,000 per person for an overseas trip, you can do so for 27,200 people. If you're in a party of six and you travel thrice a year, you will run out of money in.... 1,511 years.

So, just for fun: Taking the assumptions above, and assuming that you do ALL of these...

Build 1 modest-sized mall (Php 2 billion)
Build and furnish 2 condominium buildings, 150 units each (Php 1.5 billion each)
Build and furnish 20 mansions (Php100 million each)
Produce 20 movies (Php 50 million each)
Produce 20 theater musicals (Php 10 million each)
Set up 50 businesses (Php 7 million each)
Travel overseas twice a year with five companions (Php 400,000 per person per trip)
Fund the overseas university education and living expenses of 150 students (Php 5 million each)
Produce 100 high-quality publications (Php 2 million each)
Get five assistants and pay them for 20 years (Php 100,000 a month)

How much of that $250million (Php10.88 billion) will you have left?

Not much.

Just a little over one billion pesos.

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Visprint, Inc. said...

i do a similar mental exercise, but on a smaller scale ;) whenever there's a P100M+ lotto jackpot :)


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