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Addendum on AI

Based on results of oh-so-many American Idol polls, we can half-expect the top three AI contestants to be Carrie Underwood, Bo Bice, and Constantine Maroulis, with Vonzell Solomon, Nadia Turner and Anwar Robinson playing catch-up. Over the next three weeks, it'd be safe to start saying farewell to Scott Savol, Anthony Fedorov, and Nikko Smith. (Unless Nadia stumbles into the bottom three again and...and... oh, the horror!!) But there's still a ways to go, so the moon can still turn purple if it has to.

But the stars are currently pointing at Underwood to bag the title.

(Anwar... gay? I don't mind.)

My top three for American Idol:

Nadia Turner - I just love her. She's a powerful presence onstage and has proven to be versatile. While not outright gorgeous, she's darn sexy. And she looks like a really nice person.

Bo Bice - I call him Two-Face. Looking so sweet and amiable offstage, he ignites the room when he performs. He looks like the young American Everym…
I have an odd feeling about this image, lifted from the Flash intro of the Marithé Francois Girbaud website. I'm not exactly offended. Maybe just dumbfounded. You could easily put a funny caption and make it, well, really offensive. But this strikes me like that long-winded Pink Table joke, only that you never reach the puchline. If there's a strong point to it apart from its desire to be provocative and edgy, then I don't know what that point is.

Oh, but there's brand awareness. Plain and simple top of mind brand awareness.