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More Pinoy Graphic Novels Please!!

With 2009 about to close, I hope 2010 and beyond will see more major Pinoy graphic novels being published. This year had the compiled El Indio (Francisco Coching), the compiled Elmer (Gerry Alanguilan), 12 (Manix Abrera), Underpass (Summit Media), Trese: Mass Murders (Budjette Tan and Ka-Jo Baldisimo), Where Bold Stars Go To Die (Alanguilan and Arlanzandro EsmeƱa), etc. etc. etc. Compared to previous years, a lot of major comics work. If the publishers of the above are all members of the National Book Development Board, next year's National Book Awards race will prove interesting.

It took a bit over ten years for Pinoy graphic novels to get this far, beginning with Arnold Arre's groundbreaking work on The Mythology Class. Now that book publishers are beginning to dip both feet in the graphic novel medium, it's high time for all you aspiring graphic novelists to pick your brains, hunker over those keyboards and drawing pads, and churn out material.

My personal definition of a…

Online Seminar: Legal Forms for Entrepreneurs

What is the role of lawyers in setting up a business? When is it necessary to tap their services? These questions will be answered during the series and Atty. Belaro will also give tips in selecting a good lawyer for an entrepreneur as well as discuss the categories of legal forms and their subsequent details in this five-part webinar series:

3 DEC 2009 THURS

- Graduated cum laude from UP Diliman with a degree in Political Science
- Masters of Law from Cornell University USA
- Partner in Belaro & Associates
- Author of LEGAL FORMS FOR ENTREPRENEURS "Untaxing Taxes: A Comparative Study of US and - Philippine Law on Tax-Free Formation of Corporations and Partnerships"

As the Philippines’ premier virtual events company, ProFora Media offers a number of readily available solutions to meet business needs that go beyond the…

Zaturnnah In Manila: The Update

Ooooh-kayyy... here goes.

First of all, I know that it's been over 18 months since I released the preview pages, and it's only proper for me to tell you that completion for the Zaturnnah sequel will still take a while. I'm breaking the promise I made to myself. No major comics work from me in 2009.

The number of completed pages to date is 34. That's a small jump compared to the original 14 early last year. I'm working on the 35th page. Estimated page count for the entire sequel is a whopping 258--over 100 pages thicker than the first book--with eight chapters and an epilogue.

Apart from a few text edits, nothing in the 14 preview pages will change.

My mistake #1:Posting preview pages even though I wasn't 100% confident about the plot. At this point, after over a year of daily thinking and rethinking (and overthinking, headaches and nausea included), plus outlining, charting, and tracking the physical and emotional throughlines of the principal characters, the plot …

Where to buy "Elmer" and "Where Bold Stars Go To DIe"

These two books from Komikero Publishing come highly recommended by yours truly.

From Gerry's blog:

is now available at the following outlets:
Sputnik!, Cubao X, Cubao
Comic Odyssey, Robinson’s Galleria
Comic Quest, Megamall, Northmall and Festival Mall
Planet X, Glorietta 4
Druid’s Keep, Gateway Center, Magallanes
Solidaridad Book Shop, Padre Faura, ErmitaWhere Bold Stars Go To Die is now available at the following outlets:Sputnik!, Cubao X, Cubao
Comic Odyssey, Robinson’s Galleria
Comic Quest, Megamall, Northmall and Festival Mall
Planet X, Glorietta 4
Druid’s Keep, Gateway Center, Magallanes