Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Zaturnnah In Manila: The Update

Ooooh-kayyy... here goes.

First of all, I know that it's been over 18 months since I released the preview pages, and it's only proper for me to tell you that completion for the Zaturnnah sequel will still take a while. I'm breaking the promise I made to myself. No major comics work from me in 2009.

The number of completed pages to date is 34. That's a small jump compared to the original 14 early last year. I'm working on the 35th page. Estimated page count for the entire sequel is a whopping 258--over 100 pages thicker than the first book--with eight chapters and an epilogue.

Apart from a few text edits, nothing in the 14 preview pages will change.

My mistake #1: Posting preview pages even though I wasn't 100% confident about the plot. At this point, after over a year of daily thinking and rethinking (and overthinking, headaches and nausea included), plus outlining, charting, and tracking the physical and emotional throughlines of the principal characters, the plot is complete and very much to my satisfaction. I could write the whole story down in a blog post and save myself from more months of drawing, but I'm certain you wouldn't like that.

My mistake #2: As a corollary to #1, posting preview pages even though I haven't written the entire script. Impatience got the best of me. I was hoping I could wing the traditional plot-based method of comics making, only to realize later on that the kind of plot I was working with needed a full script. The way I draw comics has a lot to do with character dialogue--I break down a page based on the beats of a scene, the nuances of inter-character dynamics. So, for the past months, I've been working everyday on the script, which has come easier because of the finished plot. Status: about 60% of the script is done.

I started thinking about the sequel in mid-2004. Conservatively, I should be able to release the first part or four chapters in 2010. (Hopefully we'll have a good president by then.) But it would certainly be sweet if I could get the whole monster out in one go.

Thanks for your patience.


Visprint said...

we'll all be very patient Carl :)

sineasta said...

buti na lang at 'yung 258 pages eh hindi script pages count. kundi almost 3 hours ito! hehe.

good vibes, carl! we're rooting for you.

Anonymous said...


-rabid fan

Carla O. said...

astig, daloy lang :)

Pon said...

hi carlo, here's the website i was talking about, no relation to zsa zsa: http://www.inhabitat.com/

munkey said...

Basta, wait lang ako kapatid. Take your time. I'll invite the muses to inspire you. Mwah.

alimuom.atbp said...

dyosa, ano ba ang kailangan kong ipadala para maka-concentrate ka. sabagay, next may pa ako uuwi. sana tapos na sya.

may the force be with you!



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