Saturday, March 11, 2006

The musical made its final bow last March 5, and right now it's as if it had all been a dream. During the gap between matinee and evening shows, I took the chance to have my souvenir programme autographed by as many of the cast and crew as possible. We were at the small cafeteria directly connected to the backstage dressing room, and seeing everyone getting ready for the next show reminded me of those times when I was in theater, fidgeting over make-up and costumes and props. Because I didn't have a digicam anymore, I wasn't able to take any pictures, but the little notes scribbled all over my programme was enough to make everything memorable.

The biggest surprise to me was meeting Bituin Escalante again, and discovering that she's the sister of Kalila Aguilos who alternated with Agot Isidro as Queen Femina. I couldn't hide my disbelief about their being sisters, but I guess Bituin was used to the reaction. We managed to do a little catch-up at the lobby before she and her husband headed off.

Then there were the host of celebrities who came to watch, including Boy Abunda, Ruffa Mae Quinto, Cherry Pie Picache, Bayani Agbayani, Klaudia Koronel, Ricky Lee and Roderick Paulate. I was told that Lea Salonga was scheduled to watch, though I have no confirmation that she actually attended.

After the last show, I joined Eula and Jed (the vocal coach) in Eula's car to head for director Chris Millado's apartment in Malate where the cast party was held. Eula was a bit sad because she had new t-shirts made supposedly for sale, but the shirts arrived on the last playdate. The shirts had my illustration of Zaturnnah with her face digitally pasted on, the same one found in the programme.

Most everyone else was there when we arrived and, from the way the event went, it was evident that the cast and crew had managed to bond well after nearly three months of rehearsals and performances. The food was great, the company was wonderful, and we had a fun time taking pictures left and right. Wilma Doesnt was a load of energy, taking every opportunity with every camera in the house. (Now if only I could get my hands on those pics.) I left the cast party after giving tight hugs and saying thanks to most everyone.

As some of you may have already heard, Tanghalang Pilipino is talking about restaging late-April, though nothing's quite final yet. At least, I haven't heard anything concrete about it. They're also talking about how to make the reservation system more efficient, since I've been told that because they rarely get advanced bookings for groups of 10 or more, the deluge had become overwhelming at times. If there will be a restaging, at least Eula gets to sell her shirts.

So this has been a great learning experience for a lot. Eula finished her first-ever theater stint with much aplomb. Agot got her chance to play a villainess. Tanghalang Pilipino had a taste of being "sold out" quicker than you can say Zaturnna-huh. And I picked up a few tidbits of insight about having my name in the title of a relatively successful show, though I'm suffering from chronic last-song syndrome after watching 10 performances. To Tanghalng Pilipino, the cast and crew, and everyone who took the time to watch, thank you.

Back to normal.

Image shows me, Eula and Trese writer Budjette Tan. Courtesy of Camille Potugal.


zee said...

As some of you may have already heard, Tanghalang Pilipino is talking about restaging late-April, though nothing's quite final yet.

is it late April or end of March? the last time i saw TP's calendar it was end of March. oh well... nood ulit ako. hehe...

Congrats ulit!

Back to normal

Carver said...

zee...Siyempre, in the dark pa rin tayong lahat. heheheh. Kung iibahin nila ang teatro, I think end of April is practical because of the reblocking and backstage coordination. Pero kung sa Batute pa rin, then end of March would be best. Abangan na lang natin!

zee said...

as what i fished out on one of TP's staff, excerpts lang daw ang ipapalabas, and not the whole show. oh well, kahit na. manonood pa rin ako. i need to see NAME OF CRUSH HERE. hahahaha.

Abangan na lang talaga natin.

Carver said...


zee said...

anong AANOOOOOHHH?!?!?

Carver said...

excerpts lang??? naku, sana buong show naman.

Ian said...
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Ian said...

I know of at least five different people who missed the show and are dying to see it. You can add me to that since I was............... distracted the first time I watched. Hehehehehehehehehehehehe. ;p

Here's to the next run!

zee said...

that is as of what i have heard pa lang naman. i think there's a problem with scheduling and stuff. and some of the characters will be changed. which is sad. di ata pwede si Ricci. someone would replace him , ATA. di pa ko sure, so i hope magbago pa yan.

Anonymous said...

hi sir carlo! congrats once again for ZsaZsa! i'd love more of everything Zaturnnah. :p :)


joy said...

congrats again with the successful play sir carlo. :)

sana naman hindi excerpts. my friends are dying to watch the play since i've been blabbing about it pagkatapos kong mapanood. hehehe.. they are major fans of the graphic novel din kasi. and nabaliw sila when i wore the ZZZ shirt one time sa school. they wanna have one as well hehehehe.

Anonymous said...

OMG! carlo (parang close tayo. LOL, firstname basis agad) i saw and heard from some sources that mother lily daw is planning to PRODUCE ZSAZSA into a film?!?!?! for MMFF kaya? is it trrrrue? o rumormill churva lang ito?

Saint Eroica said...

you have to re stage it. i demand it. or else magkaka coup daw kasi madami sa mga sundalo di nakapanuod... *guilty*

Carver said...

Zee... pupunta ako sa 25th. Pupunta ka rin?

Henson... Glad to have met you at last! HUGS

Joy... Iba pala yung excerpts. Ginawa kase siyang culminating activity of a international technical theater workshop. Iba pa yung rerun. :-)

Anonymous...Nakows! Huwag muna nating pag-usapan ang movie. :)

Erica! Sayang di ka nakasama. :( See you soon, dearie! HUGS

zee said...

what's on the 25th? Sinag na ba yun?

tingnan ko. :)

Carver said...

zee...yuppers...sinag yun :)

Anonymous said...

pero matunog ever ang movie ha...

maningning said...

grabe!!! irerestage???? shet! nonoood ako ulet! pareserve naman na po ako ng 3 tickets!!!!! =) at sana, this time, si *bleep*bleep* na yung magplay ni dodong at di yung alternate niya (although, okay naman sila pareho!)*kilig*kilig* ahahaha =)

sobrang ganda!!!! itaguyod ang bandera ng mga bading sisters!!!! =)

uy, favor naman po, knaino ko po pwede itanong yung kung sino magpaplay ng dodong sa certain playdate??? heheheheh

zee said...

hi maningning! parang kilala ko kung sinong Dodong ang type mo! hehehe...

i hope to see you at the re run! :)

maningning said...

hi zee!!! yup, mukha ngang nabuking ako sa blog ko, ahahaha =)

i saw your blog din kaso i can't post a comment kc ndi ako lj chorva..

anyway, do you reserve tickets? =)
sori, kulet! ahaha =)

if ever you do, pareserve naman po 3tickets dun sa playdate na siya yung magpeplay, okay lang po? ahahaha =)

yup, hope to meet you too!

WAGI!!! =)

tc! =)

lorna said...

hi sir carlo!sayang i just got to watch zsazsa at the sinag arts, which is a shortened version of the play...i brought my comic book with me kaso wala ka dun...sayang...i would love to see you in person para ma-signan mo rin ang zsazsa ko....congrats for all the luck that's comin your way...

zee said...

tapos na yung internship ko sa TP eh. but if you want to reserve tix, tawag ka na lang sa mismong TP office, 8323661, tas tanong mo na rin kung si ****** yung Dodong. hahahaha.

me and my friends will be watching on the 2oth. dun ka na lang din. kita kits tayo dun! :)


ano nga pala yung WAG?!!!? hehe.

CARLOOOOO! i miss the Sinag event. ayus daw ah. see yah on the rerun!

zee said...


shoot, i just realized WAGI pala yun. sorry. nabraindead. hahaha.

sorry for flooding the comments board Carlo! yay!

MC said...


That would be great. A re-stage I'm all for it. I hope you get more details.


maningning said...

hi zee! ahahha =) kulet! =)

cge, punta na lang din ko ccp, forever din naman kame andun fwnds ko..=)

nwy,cnasabi naman nila yung cast na magpeplay db? ahaha, shy kc ko to ask, feeling halata ever, *teeheee* =)

anyway, 20? cge, ask ko yung mmga kasama ko if k sila that date =)
thanks a bunch as in! =)

btw, sobrang ang galing (2 d nth level) ni ****** as Bulan (St. Louis) as in..napanood mo ba? =)

anyway, sorry po kay sir carlo..hehehe..ayaw mo yun, your blog coonects people (parang nokia) ahahaha =)

tc everyone! =)

Slvrdlphn said...

Maningning, sa April 22 ka na lang manood. Zee and I will be there sa 7:30pm show. You can contact me for tickets. Email to

maningning said...

hi slvrdlphn =)

cge, ask ko muna yung mga friends ko if okay sa kanila yung 22april na playdate =)siya din ung magpeplay dun?

hindi sya ung napanood namen nung o3march eh, pero pumunta kame ulet ng 4march para magpapicture, ahahahay, pathetic! =)

mei tckts pa naman di ba? ill contact you this weekend or early next week for confirmation if ever..mga 3 tckts lang naman kme (kala mo dami noh? ahahah =)

anyway, tc! =) and thanks a bunch, as in =)


Carver said...

Hello guys! Okey lang na punuin ninyo ang comments board. :-) Ika nga ni maningning...konek konek ever!

As for the film, talking to Regal about some details, pero I'll post stuff as soon as things are final.


maningning said...

ohmygahd!!! mei movie version na din??!!?? ang kulet!

zsazsa zaturnnah is really taking the philippines by storm!!!! =)

galing galing galing!!!!

congratulations po!!! =)

Anonymous said...

hi.. i saw from one newspaper (monday 03-APRIL-2006) that there would be another show.. but this time in PETA.. i dont remeber what newspaper though.. can somebody help me? hehehe.. thanksÜ

zee said...


Zsazsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzikal is back!

The schedule of the shows is as follows:
April 21 (Friday) - 7:30pm
April 22 (Sat) - 2:30pm and 7:30pm
April 23 (Sun) - 2:30pm and 7:30pm
April 28 (Friday) - 7:30pm
April 29 (Sat) - 2:30pm and 7:30pm
April 30 (Sun) - 2:30pm and 7:30pm

tickets are 500, 600, 700 pesos

Sunnyside Drive, Bgy. Kristong Hari,
E. Rodriguez Ave, QC(at the back of Quezon City Sports Club)

hope that helps

carme said...

Just watched the re-staging last Sunday (april 23)..Buti na lang may re-staging :D I truly enjoyed the play..Tru, VICTORIA! I bought the OST..malapit ko na makabisado ung mga songs hahaaha..Galing! Just a thought..are you considering a part two of zsazsa zaturnnah? Gawin pa daw mala-spiderman :P


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