Want Something Drawn? My Commission Rates 2019

I'm opening up my schedule to accept art and design commissions! This is to ensure that I don't end up as a starving artist. Har har. :-)

While I prefer to draw feminine forms and poses, I'm also open to drawing male characters. However, I won't be able to accommodate highly detailed characters (like Swamp Thing, or Michael Bay's Transformers designs). The images above show my default art style. It's similar to the styles of Frank Cho, Adam Hughes, and Terry Dodson.

I don't accept caricatures or portraits. I can't guarantee that I'll be able to copy accurately.

Below are the details for art commissions. These are rates for non-commercial artwork.

(If you want me to illustrate something for commercial use, please fill up this design inquiry form instead.)

TRADITIONAL MEDIUM (for Philippine Residents only)

16cm x 25 cm
Uncolored (black inks and grey)
Canson watercolor paper or Bristol Board (depending on availability)

Rate (One Character only, no back…

When a Publisher Closes Doors

A number of you may heard that Visual Print Enterprises, or Visprint, the publisher of my books, will be closing its doors in 2021. They will no longer be accepting new manuscripts, and will be focusing their efforts on releasing their last batch of books and selling off old stocks.

My final project with them will be Zaturnnah sa Maynila Part Three.

The reason for their closing is simple enough--the owners are retiring. While we can say that this reason is not enough to close a company--after all, the owners can simply pass the baton--we have to take it for what it is. Another publishing house is closing, one less channel for new books to see the light of day.

Many have said that Visprint has made a significant mark in the Philippine book industry, as its portfolio boasts of a powerful roster of authors. And as Dr. Isagani Cruz once said, Visprint has one of the best publishing contracts around. I'm not so worried about the authors, though, as they will surely be able to find new …

Abolish the MMFF? or, What To Do With the Artistic Film?

There's a nip in the air today, and a drizzle. It's been drizzling all day, in fact, somewhat unusual this time of year. But I'm still going to the mall, pay a utility bill, get some dog food, and maybe catch a Metro Manila Film Festival entry.

This year's festival has the following films in its line-up: Aurora by Yam Laranas (Horror, Thriller, Suspense)Fantastica by Barry Gonzales (Fantasy, Comedy)The Girl in the Orange Dress by Jay Abello (Romance, Comedy)Jack Em Popoy: The Puliscredibles by Mike Tuviera (Action, Thriller, Comedy)Mary, Marry Me  by RC delos Reyes (Romance, Comedy)One Great Love by Eric Quizon (Romance, Drama)Otlum by Joven Tan (Horror, Comedy)Rainbow's Sunset by Joel Lamangan (Family Drama) Note that five of them are comedies and three of them are classified under romance. I won't say yet what I'm going to watch.

For many years, the attacks aimed at the MMFF have been consistently vitriolic, particularly from those who'd demand "q…

It Had To Come To This

In January 2017, I posted a note on Facebook where I talked about quitting comics. That post got a lot of exposure, more than what any of my posts usually get. With that kind of response, one would think that there's still hope.

However, close to two years later, yesterday, I posted this on Facebook.
Unless a miracle happens, I'll be stopping after Zaturnnah sa Maynila. Making comics has been an interesting roller coaster ride, with its highest of highs and lowest of lows. Thanks to everyone who supported me every step of the way. May you be blessed always.. Note that I'm still wishing that a miracle would happen, though miracles tend to be, well, rare.

I've wrestled with this over the past two years to the point of depression. Yes, that's how much making comics, a twenty-plus-year relationship, meant to me. When I would be that close to throwing in the towel, something surprising would happen, a sort of sign that would prop me up into trying again.

Just this year, …

What Happened Since May 2017

It's been more than six months since I posted. I blame the time-sucking black hole that is social media. :-)

Here are some of the highlights from last year:
1) "I Heart Davao," the 40-episode television series aired on GMA 7. I was given the opportunity to write a number of episodes for that show, but I insisted that I could only do ten. My primary reason was that I had never written for television before, so I didn't want to dive headfirst into unfamiliar territory. Our headwriter was Chris Martinez, and the writing team had me, Dwein Baltazar, and Eljay Castro Deldoc. Our director was Marlon Rivera.

I wouldn't consider my experience as representative of what really goes on in television writing in the Philippines, but it was an eye-opener. I never imagined that I'd be able to write more than two hours worth of script (five episodes) in two weeks. It was thrilling, to say the least, seeing how the script was brought to life in the finished product.

Below is …

Curious Question to Those Who Want to Make Graphic Novels...

There are a lot of people who want to make comics, or have tried to make comics but end up frustrated. I certainly struggled some when I started out, and it's no secret that there have been bumps on the road now and then.

I'm just curious to find out from you: What aspects of making stories and comics do you find yourself struggling with?

If you write your questions in the comments section, I'll see if I could answer it.