Playing with the Department of Tourism's 'banig'

I happen to like the new tourism campaign message "It's More Fun in The Philippines." It's versatile, modern, and affecting if used well. I'm loving it.

I initially had reservations about the word "more," because it courts comparison, and it's a promise that becomes challenging to fulfill because you have to be "better" than someone else. Another nit is the length of the slogan, but the official website effectively shows how the slogan is used.

The graphic on the right needs work, in my opinion. The woven mat motif is nice, but it's too small, and it's meaning is obscure. As a symbol, it has to carry some of the qualities of the communications message. If the message is "more fun," the symbol should give at least the slightest impression of that.

Which is why I tried to make something of the woven mat motif and tie it to the message. I took it as a creative exercise. If the key word is "fun," can we have fun with the mat and use it as a canvas for different images?


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