Friday, July 01, 2011

Mar Santana: Early Influence

Mar Santana's art style influenced my own style, and I didn't even know it! I remember how, as a kid, I'd get excited whenever I see his name printed in any of the weekly komiks we'd buy from the corner store. There was something about his lines that, pun intended, drew me in. When we eventually stopped buying komiks, I had com...pletely forgotten the name of the man. Thank goodness the internet jogged my memory. Here are samples of Mr. Santana's art, lifted from Arman Francisco's blog ( If you look at the guy on the left, you can see where Dodong comes from.


Mark said...

Your Zaturnnah artwork reminds me of Adam Hugh's work in the Wonder Woman books, especially the way you draw their hair

Any updates on the sequel, Mr. Carver? your eager fans are all waiting with bated breaths. Icon na sya ng pinoy pop culture

Carver said...

Hello Mark... I've a few non-action pages, plus around 12 action pages left for part one. Rush rush, rush! :-)

LLOYD said...

My aunt reads Aliwan Komiks from way back..can i safely assume that the guy on the right was drawn by Hal Santiago?..Hal Santiago was a regular at Aliwan i think he drew and wrote his own earliest exposure was Zarbot..a robot (that's all i can remember lol!).

Whenever I saw a male character drawn that way in any komiks (the guy on the right) im sure the name Hal Santiago is printed there somewhere.

Carver said...

Hello LLOYD! I checked out Hal Santiago's art on Gerry Alanguilan's site, and his linework is different from Mar Santana's. Particularly the way Hal draws facial features--his lines are more angular compared to Mar's.

LLOYD said...

Hello sir Carlo!..well i might be mistaken..bach then i was only a small kid and the artwork was the only thing that mattered to me..if the art didn't agree with me..i won't be reading the could've been Mar Santana collaborating with Hal Santiago.

My all time fave is Louie Celerio..when Carlo J. Caparas briefly revived local komiks i bought all of the komiks with Louie Celerio art lol!.

the boomerang kid said...

yes, mar santana is one of my favorite illustrators... can illustrate in many genres... drama, horror, fantasy... the artwork featured in your post is a cover for the novel called 'madem'--a story of a demon who torments the main protagonist (the priest) with temptations of the flesh... happy reading material for a 10 year-old, no?


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