When was the last time you wrote a letter?

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Carver said…
Walter... Ang meme, kumakalat. Eh hindi naman ito kakalat. :-D At doon sa first comment mo na deleted, salamat!
anj said…
Your letter made me smile. Thank you for the reminder of putting the heart directly on paper.

I remember a time when I wrote so many letters to friends. My hands ached from writing long stories, my handwriting went from bad to worse. I also remember the thrill of waiting for the mailman to bring me post.

Thanks! Hopefully, I can bring myself to do the same as you have. :)

Carver said…
Hello anj. Like you, my life in the past included writing letters and taking trips to the post office. It was an exciting time, especially when it involved penpals from other countries.

I haven't really started writing anybody this way recently, but I'd like to get around to doing it sometime. Of course, with someone who would be willing to do the same. Who among my friends would be willing to do that, I don't know. We'll see.

Thanks for commenting. :-)
Raipo said…
Gorgeous handwriting Carver. Mine never progressed, so I opt to write in block letters.

Oh and, I miss erasures.

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