Bonus for Ticketholders to the Feb 26 8pm show

UPDATE: Due to my inability to multi-task, tickets to the Feb 26 8pm show will be available at Ticketworld outlets and online, as well as the TP box office beginning Tuesday, February 22. The tickets of those who have previously reserved them through me or my friend don't have to worry--your tickets are with me. Thanks, and see you at the show!

I decided to produce a printed version of the first 26 comics pages of Zaturnnah in Manila just to spice things up a bit. Those who regularly visit this blog may have already read these 26 pages through the online preview, but for a number of peeps, nothing beats ink on paper. Budget hasn't been on my side of late, so I can only produce a limited number of copies, which will be made available at fifty pesos to ticketholders to the Feb 26 8pm show. The graphic above shows the cover of the limited edition special preview.

To purchase tickets to the Feb26 8pm show of the Zaturnnah musical, visit this page, or contact Jam through 0929-6759214.


Hogi said…
Hi Carlo, what if someone watching on a different show date also wants to purchase the preview comic? I'm already watching tomorrow, but it would be nice to have a printed copy of what I see online in your blog. =)
Carver said…
Hello Hogi. Unfortunately, the printed preview is still being produced and won't be available this weekend. Sowee. :-( If there will be stocks left, I might sell them in other venues.

But thanks so much for the interest!
Hogi said…
Ooh, so I'll cross my fingers then. Or maybe I'll just drop by on the 26th to purchase them. =)
Anonymous said…
congrats! napanood namin ng friend ko yung feb 20 performance.
cool din yung authograph and meet and greet session after the show! sana laging ganito ang tanghalang pilipino. more power carver!
Hogi said…
Hi Carlo! One of my friends from the cast bought a preview for me, and nainggit ako that they have autographed copies, hahaha! Will you be visiting any of the other shows and would you be willing to sign my own copy then? =)

By the way, I once asked you to sign my Zaturnnah comic during its last run in the Batute (back in 2007, I believe), and this would be a nice addition. Fan lang? Hahaha. =)
Carver said…
Anonymous... Thanks for watching! Talagang tradition ng Tanghalang Pilipino ang may meet-and-greet, for any production.

Hogi... I'll most probably attend the Saturday shows and the last show. :-D
Anonymous said…
sir carlo i hope you still remember me. left you a message in your yahoo account. more power and God bless! Mafel
Anonymous said…
hi Sir Carlo, i have tickets for yesterday's show. i brought my friends from antipolo to go see the show with me but surprise - it got cancelled. i was looking forward pa naman po to see you there. anyways, that won't stop us from seeing the show on the 19th po. more power. mafel

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