Thursday, January 07, 2010

Drawing Process: Some Sort of a Manila

Click on the image to enlarge. It's still unfinished.


Cev Ruiz said...

This is amazing! Did you use any kind of reference or was this completely from memory? Simply amazing!!!

Would really love to be able to draw something like this someday...

Carver said...

Thanks, Cev! :-)

For this image, I used a photo primarily for inspiration more than reference. My problem right now is how to add shading, since this scene happens at dusk. Photoshop is be out of the question.

Thanks again for commenting.

Cev Ruiz said...

you'll figure out a way, i'm sure...although why do you say photoshop is out of the question? maybe in the coloring stage you could get the shading right? would you mind if i try a crack at it?

Carver said...

Well, since I work primarily in black and white, I do my best to avoid greys in my final artwork. When I'm desperate or pressed for time, I use Photoshop's halftoning feature. But as a default, I go by hand as far as I can.

Are you a colorist? :-)

Cev Ruiz said...

am i a colorist? i am aiming to be one...but more as a side line / hobby rather than a profession...i'm slowly (emphasis on slow) building up my portfolio with various black and whites taken from glass house graphics and black and white comic books. would really be excited if i could get a chance to color one of your pieces. i just hope i'm good enough...maybe you can send me an illustration to color? my email is i'm an amateur though so can't promise anything.

Anonymous said...

Carv, pwede mong gamitan ng light percentage lang ng ZIPATONE, to capture the mood you want. Marami pa naman siguro sa mga art supplies o wala na?


PS Belated Hapi Nyu yir sa iyo !

Carver said...

Cev... Okee... will send you something soon. :-)

Auggie... Happy New Year! When I was in college, most everyone I was with in the art department of the college paper used Zip-a-Tone, but I never touched the thing. :-) It's still being sold here, though I don't know where.


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