Monday, October 26, 2009

Would you want an E-book reader?

With the e-book market growing by leaps and bounds in the Western world, it will be a matter of time before we'll be seeing e-book readers in our friendly neighborhood electronics shops. Amazon recently opened up its Kindle device for international markets, while Barnes & Noble entered the fray with its Nook reader. Sony has been churning out improvements for its own devices, while the industry is holding its breath for the 2010 release of Plastic Logic's own "Kindle killer," the Que.

Then there's rumors of the Apple tablet which can conceivably blow everyone out of the water.

During a photo shoot a couple of months ago, a stylist toted a Kindle, and the device looked like a must-have. She took me through the features and I was excitedly intrigued despite the price.

White lights: (from left) Amazon's Kindle, Barnes & Nobel's Nook,
Sony's e-book reader (images from,, and

Having an e-book reader does have its benefits. Bibliophiles and book hoarders can stuff dozens of titles in the compact device. Battery life supposedly lasts for over a week between charges. The add-on wireless service--for the Kindle and the Nook, for instance--saves on shopping and browsing time, too. And the e-ink non-glare technology purports squintless reading pleasure.

But would I really really really want an e-book reader? I'll know the answer once these babies start flooding the local market. For now, I'll content myself with the traditional book, complete with the seductive scent of printed paper.


kc cordero said...

i still love the smell of the paper it gives natural high while reading. though i can read the news online i still buy my favorite broadsheet on a daily basis. nbs, powerbooks and booksales are magnets everytime i got a chance to go to mall. the younger generation might opt for e-books, pero dahil mahilig ako sa gadget, sakaling meron na sa market makikiusyoso lang ako, hehe. interesado ako sa Apple tablet, pero hindi bilang e-book kundi 'yung ibang features. :)

jayce said...

maybe apple will come out with their own device complete with paper-scent micro-sprayer to capture that last remaining market segment holding on to printed books... :)


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