"Pee" sized solution to fuel?

Fill'er up with weewee. We were treated years ago to news of a Filipino who claimed to develop a car engine that could run on water. While that technology has never seen the commercial light in this day of hybrids and alternative fuels, one Ohio scientist claims to have developed the means to run cars using urine. The hydrogen in urine is reportedly easier to extract compared to the hydrogen in water, thus requires less energy. Read all about it on Wired.com. If this technology becomes commercially available, our jeepney drivers wouldn't have to pee against their tires--they can relieve themselves while filling up the fuel tank.

Abdul-less 'Idol?' It's almost certain that American Idol's next season won't have sweet Paula Abdul. This is according to her new manager David Sonenberg. So if she won't be on AI...what else could she be doing? She may not be the best judge on the show, but she balances out Simon Cowell quite effectively. Read more on Newsweek.com's Pop Vox.

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Moving beyond print. I was approached by someone about developing English comics for the iPhone. I don't know how lucrative that's going to be, but the idea itself is intriguing. Gawd, so much to do, so little time...


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