For my 1000th post, I would like to make a public service announcement:

Earlier this afternoon at the Robinsons Metro East Grand Mall, my wallet and mobile phone were stolen. So contacting me through mobile would be impossible until I secure a new phone and number.

Naturally, I have been sorely inconvenienced.

That's the problem with mall shows featuring major stars--there ought to be regulation prohibiting such events in venues too small. The multipurpose area of Robinsons Metro East Grand Mall could not hold the crowd, particularly this crowd who wanted to see Robin Padilla. It was a stampede waiting to happen.

My pockets were low (about knee-high) and deep and even had flaps over them. Whoever picked them must have been really vertically-challenged, or a kid. And very experienced with crowds, seeing the sardine-can proceedings as an opportunity.

And to think all I wanted to do was grocery shopping and buying a gift for my nephew. He turned seven today.


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