One More Run Down

"...ZsaZsa Zaturnnah ze Muzikal -- adapted from the comic book by Chris Martinez with direction by Chris Millado -- has (are you ready for this?) sashayed its way to a spot in the hallowed selection of local theater classics, the way Nick Joaquin's Portrait of the Artist as a Filipino or Alberto S. Florentino's The World is an Apple or Wilfredo Ma. Guerrero's Wanted: A Chaperone or Orlando Nadres's Hanggang Dito na Lamang at Maraming Salamat are constantly returned to, again and again." --from the blog of Ian Rosales Casocot

Congratulations once again to the highly-talented peeps at Tanghalang Pilipino for yet another successful run of the Zaturnnah musical. Mucho thanks, as well, to everyone who took time out to catch this 6th run. I was at the CCP during most of the shows to sign books and programs and smile for photographs, and it's always a treat to see some old faces who couldn't get enough of the show. Gawsh, it's been three years and 70+ performances, and the energy of the audiences has consistently run high--sometimes even profoundly manic--despite the audio tech pitfalls.

There'd be those who'd ask me when the next book's going to come out, and my blood pressure rises on cue. At this point I hesitate to give a comprehensive update, but suffice to say I'm making progress with the Nth story revision. And each new revision proves to be better than the previous one, at least to me. The challenge is a new job that I've recently accepted--I can't tell for sure how much of my time's going to be devoted to my new responsibilities. I'm praying, knees on salt and all, that I'll be able to squeeze in precious drawing time without sacrificing quality. The more solid a shape this new story's been taking, the more excited I've become. Must. Get. It. Out.

I will be posting new pages soon. That's definite. But once again, please accept my apologies for keeping you waiting. I assure you that my bloodletting continues.

Which leads me to ask you guys: is it okay if I entrust the drawing chores of Zaturnnah sa Kalakhang Maynila to another capable artist?


Anonymous said…
Mas maganda pa rin siguro kung kayo po ang gagawa. Nasanay na po kasi kami sa art ninyo. Sana mailabas nyo na po 'yang, uhm, hindi nyo mailabas. Goodluck po at huwag kayong mag-alala dahil maghihintay pa rin po kami! :D
monsanto said…
I still think it has to you. No matter long it will take, people will surely wait for it. :) More power!
tobie said…
While I am absolutely certain you will choose one of caliber and skill that meets your expectations, I must admit it won't feel the same if it isn't done by you.
I'd go with Adam Hughes. But if he's not available, then it has to be you. Sorry, Carlo but it's you that gives life to this character. It's your offspring, your child. Other artists may be able to draw "ZsaZsa", some might even be technically better, most would be worse, but the heart and soul come from you and that's irreplaceable.

Me, I'm willing to wait!
Elbert said…
Baka busy si Adam Hughes! Si Terry Dodson kaya? :P

My sentiment is, if entrusting the art to someone else will allow you to focus on telling more Zsazsa stories (and perhaps even create -- and draw! -- new characters and tales), then maybe, sure, go!

But...who will that artist be? Ang hirap maghanap ng mapagkakatiwalaan.

Nationwide star search! :D
ok lang if ibang artist..basta you trust them and comfortable ka sa kanila...ok na sa amin yun hehhe..
Hazel Manzano said…
let me i really really like your style esp. the facial expressions are not comparable with anyone. but, if you want to concentrate on the story, go ahead. but it will still be different if you drew it. peri nga mahirap talaga yan... you need to prioritize your career (meaning kung saan ka magigiging milyonario) bago comics.
Ner P said…
Reno said…
It's really up to you. If you think the artist you'll get will be able to bring your vision to the page, then go ahead.

But for me, I'd prefer it if you drew it, too. :)
Dio Brando said…
I'd prefer YOU draw ZsaZsa Zaturnna Carlo. Seriously, the comic wouldn't be the same without your personal touch. ^__^
paderewski said…
just putting in my 2 cents worth: yes it has to be you. it's kinda like zsazsa being portrayed by another actress besides eula or mark hamill making a pass at not doing return of the jedi and another actor comes in to play skywalker. it's never the same. eula is zsazsa, harrison ford is indiana jones, sean penn is harvey milk, and carver should continue to draw book 2 of zaturnnah

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