Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Zaturnnah Musical 2009: The Schedule So Far

Ohhh-kay... here's the first round of info that has yet to be confirmed about the February 2009 run of the Zaturnnah musical. Again, I'm still awaiting the final confirmation, though these dates are almost good to go.

Feb 6, 13 (Fri) 8PM
Feb 7, 14 (Sat) 3PM & 8PM
Feb 8, 15 (Sun) 3PM & 8PM

Mar 6 (Fri) 8PM
Mar 7 (Sat) 3PM & 8PM
Mar 8 (Sun) 3PM & 8PM

That's a total of 15 shows. Ticket prices will be at P500, P600 and P700. (Still pretty reasonable, if you compare them with the ticket prices of other professional theater companies.) More to come as new info rolls in, particularly that important bit about getting tickets.

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