Well, it's Different

Spent a chunk of this extended Yuletide break in the hospital. My gall bladder had swollen to three times its normal size and had to be "ectomied." So... ummm... that's this week's bit of news on Carver end.

It's not so bad. There weren't any complications. No hitches or road blocks. Just a simple procedure that required an incision beneath my right rib... and a catheter in my peepee. Note that I have to make special mention of the catheter in my peepee (which is essentially having a small tube inserted into your urethra to facilitate the involuntary discharge of weewee while you're under general anaesthesia) for the immediate jewel novelty of this event among my limited experiences in life.

Anyway, I'm still in one piece. I'll be home in less than a couple of days. Happy New Year to All!


Anonymous said…
Shucks!! ang sakit ng catheter... bigla akong napa-cross legs...
Anonymous said…

Ano ang nakain mong masama at namaga ang gall bladder mo ?

Anyway,Get well soon, and a happy and healthy new yerto you !

Martin Jimenez said…

Ei man, I hope you're doing well now. The timing sucks, paskong pasko pa man din, then that happened. Hopefully you'd have a better and healthier 2009 ahead of you Carlo. Hinihintay ko pa kayang matapos yang book 2 mo ng Zsazsa!! XD

Dio Brando
gentle said…
carlo, pagaling ka ha. keep a positive attitude and everything will come out shining, just like in ada and dodong's adventures.

here's to a productive (and operation free) 2009. :)
get well soon, carlo!

last july, i also had surgery to remove my gallbladder & gallstones. buti yung sa yo walang komplikasyon.

god bless you!

hapi new year!

Ian said…
Get well soon dude. Looking forward to the next run of Zsa Zsa! Perfect, pang anniv for Sam and me, hee hee... ;)
get well soon dear.

i'll see you sa feb, zsazsa ze muzikal month! di naman ako heksayted dabah!
Carver said…
Happy New Year sa inyong lahat!

Me!... Heheh... they put me to sleep before they inserted the catheter, But I was wide awake when the nurse pulled it out. It was bizarre! *gasp*

Auggie... Feeling ko sudden change of diet. The bad kind. :-(

Dio Brando... Thanks man. Yes, we can only hope. :-)

gentle... Positive naman ang outlook ko. Though the operation has changed a lot of things on a personal level. :-)

Zen Bitch... Oh My! Anong klaseng komplikasyon? Pero okey ka naman ngayon, right? God Bless din.

ian... ay, kinilig ako sa inyo. Heheheh. :-)

Hazel Manzano... Thanks dearie. :-)

Migs... Thanks, sweetie. See you in February, though 'di ko alam kung anong date ako pupunta. :-) And welcome back!

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