Sick in The Head

Listening to: Lost by Katy Perry

Thought I had it all under control. But I guess these things do happen over and over again.

A few years ago my mind when blank, refusing to commit to any kind of heavy thinking, because of extreme mental and emotional activity. It's a state I vowed never to get back to. However, lo and behold, there it was again. It's a feeling akin to a swelling inside your skull, like your brain was floating in an additional gallon of fluid. And there's the pressure, pushing against the insides of your cranium.

Then you're in zombie zone.

Just like the last time, the simple idea of enjoying a basic pleasure becomes a chore. Staring off into space becomes the only remedy, plus the occasional beating up of oneself for forcing it in the first place.

But I'm a little better now, hence this blog post.

On to lighter stuff...
  • Chris Martinez' film 100 begins its theatrical run this week. Be sure to catch it. Mylene Dizon, Tessie Tomas and Eugene Domingo deliver outstanding performances, I heard. I'm expecting this film (rated A by the CInema Evaluation Board) to be one of the more polished Pinoy indie films, since Chris is already an accomplished writer, and a director of television ads.
  • Real Living magazine is giving away a mega-bundle of furniture in its Win Everything on the Cover promo. Check out the December issue for details--everything you can win is displayed on the cover.
  • Check out, which features teasers of a few new Pinoy comics which the company will publish based on popular vote. They should accept submissions.


maria said…
labs u Papa Carl! dito lang kami...
Dio Brando said…
Hello Carlo!!

Ei thanks man for adding our website to your blog. Much appreciate it really, seems dumami mga nagvisit sa site namin since you posted that. Hehehehe!! Many thanks!!

Neways I hope whatever it is you're thinkin, I hope you'd be fine. BTW, on a side note, I kinda checked out one of your earlier posts here. I believe the title was "Ang Komiks Na Bebenta".

Hehehehe!! You're definitely a good writer, kasi kahit mga blog posts mo, makukulit and ayus eh. Very funny man. ^__^

aka. "Dio Brando" of Komikasi Komiks
Carver said…
maria... HUGGIES

Dio Brando... Just thinking out loud about the topic. Wala lang, brain aerobics. :)

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