Frustrations and Rewards

Took me a month to get six prologue pages done because of the other things I had to do. Darn. But at least that's a total of twenty pages of the sequel off my back.

Now I can continue chapter one.


gentle said…
bonggang prologue naman nyan sir carver.. at gusto ko ang outfit ni ateh, ang hair parang kim basinger lang sa la confidential. ;)
Ang galing Carlo. This is world class.
Carver said…
gentle... ay, naalala ko nga si Kim Basinger sa LA Confidential, ang kanyang Oscar claim to fame. Sayang at 'di nasundan ang success niya doon.

Gerry... Aheheheh... *blush* salamat. Sana matanggap ako sa Marvel o sa DC kung sakaling mag-apply ako uli. :)

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