'Spectacular' Musical

Looks like the Broadway musical adaptation of Spiderman is becoming spectacular even in production cost. News all over the web is pinning the warbling webslinger's stage debut at $30 to $40 million, the highest bank breaker in Broadway so far. Just to give you an idea of how expensive that is, the films Cloverfield, The Sixth Sense, and Chicago had production budgets hovering around that amount. (I couldn't find resources on Broadway musical budgets.)

Superman had his try at a stage musical over 40 years ago, when "It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's Superman" debuted on Broadway. The musical was later adapted into a television special.

And, yes, Tanghalang Pilipino had already asked me about adapting the Zaturnnah sequel for the stage. I naturally agreed, but I'll have to get the book out first. (shiver)


Unknown said…
that is a lot of money.

i'd be happy to see the sequel musical (musical sequel?). considering that i enjoyed the original musical even with a severe tummyache that almost made me pass out, the bar is set pretty high. :)
gentle said…
good news! napanood namen yung una, lola eula is just purrfect. i hope she gets to reprise her zsazsa. :) do you have a hand in picking sa mga magdidivadivahan sa stellar adaptation ng inyong owbra sir carver?
Carver said…
erasmusa... Yes, the bar is set pretty high, pero may tiwala naman tayo sa Tanghalang Pilipino. Sana matuloy. :)

wanderlust junkie... naku, mag-wait pa tayo. :)

gentle... actually wala ako the first time around, pero I was there when Janvier Daily auditioned for the RCBC run. I think lima silang nag-audition at the time. If they'll adapt the sequel, I'm intrigued who'll be filling the shoes of the new characters.

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