Globe Komiks for OCWs

This was from mid-2005. Client wanted to create material to be distributed to Filipino OCWs as part of a campaign to promote mobile phone-based remittances. This came in two versions--one with a female lead and the other with a male lead--though the script was basically the same. I had fun doing this project despite its "rush" status. Presented here are two pages out of six (click to enlarge).


Anonymous said…
Whahat? Halos 3 years ago na to? Bootlicking aside mukha siyang recent work. XD

As usual nalagyan na naman ng nakakatawang mga panels (katawa yung "Um.. No Problem".... LAGOT).

Not hoping na mai po post nyo po lahat, pero nonetheless if ever masaya yun. XD
Carver said…
Mopz... yup, antagal na nito. Script lang ang nakuha ko, pero wala masyadong direction pagdating sa look and feel. Kaya kinuwela ko na lang yung main character.

I should post the rest, 'no? Paalam muna ako. :)

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