Weekend Round Up

Thursday. It was my third Cosmo Bachelor Bash, the highlight of which were Billy Joe Crawford singing "Bright Lights" and the mega-ripped Paolo Contis. The show didn't match the energy, spectacle, and star-studdedness of last year's, but was better than the show two years ago. It was held at the new A.Venue along Makati Avenue, just across Government. A small but upscale commercial establishment, A.Venue provides a much needed contrast to Burgos Street.

Friday. After work, I met Angelo at Greenbelt to watch Wall-E, my first movie after Mamma Mia! Wall-E was endearing during the first half, but digressed awkwardly to a socio-environmental statement towards the climax. Still entertaining and thought-provoking, but I feel that the two plot trails could've been meshed in a cleaner way.

Saturday. Had lunch with a couple of former co-workers at Dad's Megamall. I didn't gorge on the buffet as much as I normally would have--the acid reflux issue again. Went home after to help my friend set up her company. Got a quick haircut after dinner and flew to Eastwood for Eula Valdes' album launch. (Will talk about the album in a later post.) Had pizza and wine with Tuxqs and Vince, then sat at Coffee Bean until 3:30am to continue writing chores on the Zaturnnah sequel.

Sunday. Bummed out.


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