The Worth of My Art

Gerry posted an interesting topic in his blog about the worth of one's work, particularly art pieces. I've never really thought about the worth of my artwork except for the commission jobs I've done for ad agencies and other clients. But for my comics art? Price has never occurred to me.

I guess it's because I haven't received a lot of inquiries on the matter. (Well, there was Gerry himself, who asked me a long time ago if I was willing to sell Zaturnnah art pages for his museum. I gave him a number of pages at no charge.) But more to the point, I really don't know how much my comics art is worth.

You could call me insecure, foolish, or just plain insane, but I'm presently not too keen on putting a price tag on any of my work because I'm simply not satisfied with them. With 99% of them. I value my work, no question about that. I did give my all at the time I was producing them, but the more I think about how "flawed" my previous works are, I end up deeming the work unfit for selling.

BUT... here's the irony. If someone were interested in buying my work, I'll base my judgment on his quoted price. I'll then look at the work and decipher its "vibe"--I want to know what my work thinks. I'll let the work itself be the judge (with me as middleman) to tell me if it's a go or not. Mulling over this scenario deeply, I feel that my work thinks highly of itself--its self-esteem is far healthier than mine. It knows how much it's worth, because it's aware of its purpose, and it knows it has served its purpose well.

Because, thinking about the situation as I write this, if a piece of art were to part from its maker, it must be for the price of its soul.


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