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I posted a few months ago about the Zaturnnah movie being shown in Washington DC to favorable reviews, and it seems that the Joel Lamangan-megged film is gaining the reputation of being the delightful international oddity. It was recently shown at the Baltimore Otakon (how that happened I know not), and here are some feedback about it from the blogosphere:

"This is thoroughly entertaining and despite the quirkyness it’s worthwhile." - from

"The stand out for best discovery has to be the ZsaZsa Zaturnnah movie, which is one of the most hilarious things I have ever seen." - from oneiric22's LJ page

"It's a really brilliant bad movie and the love story between Ada/Zsazsa and the local village hunk Dodong is terribly sweet. I can't recommend this movie enough for people who love movies so bad they're good. It's fantastic." - from dreiser's LJ page

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Here's another set of feedback...

"C'est d'une absurdité totale. Mais c'est pour ça que c'est génial! (Rough translation: Total nonsense, and it is brilliant for being so.) " - from Acheter et Entretenir sa Tronconneuse

"Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah Ze Movie is about as weird as it gets. It’s a lot of fun in a campy, good-natured, bad movie way. Highly recommended to people who seek out extremely strange films from around the world." - from, where movies go to die


I don't know whether to admire the ideas or not, but either way, it is still a brilliant matter how odd it may be. :D
Anonymous said…

Alam mo bang linggo linggo kong pinapanood yang ZZZ... meron pa akong fight scenes nyan sa celfone ko... at memorized ko na lahat ng lines and lyrics... normal pa ba ako??



Sana may follow-up movie....
Anonymous said…
And hindi ko lang talaga nagustuhan e yung pag e edit dun sa mga costumes ng mga Amazonistas (except yung kay Pops which is kinda expected na).

Tapos yung kabulastugan na lahat sila may laser beams sa weapons. LOLWTF...

Kahit papano ayus na sana yung Film eh yun lang sa parte ng mga Amazonistas pumangit. Yung Transmorphication pa pala... UGH. inaalala ko lang sumsakit na ulo ko.
Anonymous said…
napanood ko rin film. nabasa ang komiks....

pero sad hindi ko napanood play. ;(
Kalansay... I can relate to you... I fell for you...
MattyFo said…
Hey whats up, yeah, I loved it! where do I find more?

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